Why isn't the Deep South green? Or is it?

Everyone is seeking the elusive killer app that will revolutionize energy. Most expect it to be a high tech gadget, or new form of generation or a way to finally store mass quantities of electricity. Not anthropologist Susan Mazur-Stommen. She’s looking in a completely different place: inside our heads, or more specifically inside the heads of those who live in the Deep South....more

Traveling to a Foreign Country

Today we began our journey from New England to the Deep South.  Well.  Actually, to Orlando to hit various parks.  So, we are passing through parts of The South, but really, even the Southerners do not consider Orlando part of The South.  As we crossed into Virginia, I thought it prudent to tell my daughters we had just entered a foreign country and therefore, to ensure we do not offend and end up in a jail cell unexpectedly, we must be extra polite and cease all swearing.  We kicked around replacing all swears with “cuss”....more

Children at funerals

What's the purpose of taking young children to funerals?  The Michael Jackson funeral (event?  celebration?) brings up all kinds of questions about what is and isn't appropriate, but my worry is that children at a funeral are exposed to indelible images that may later prove hard to deal with. ...more

Paperwhites - Bloom Where You're Planted

My southern-preacher daddy often advised his congregation from the pulpit to ”Bloom where you’re planted.”  He meant it in terms of doing good works, no matter where life takes you.  Another meaning of the phrase was evident in all his sermons as he exhorted the church to quit complaining and get on with what you’re put here to do.   ...more