Bloggers Celebrate Diwali From Across the Globe

November 5th marks the first of the five days of Diwali, the festival of light. It is the most important celebration in the Hindu calendar. Over the triumph of good over evil is celebrated with gifts, charitable acts and decorations... and blog posts. The blogosphere is lit up with beautiful posts about this important holiday. ...more

And then there's® in the US (smiling) who is celebrating Diwali too! (I even ...more

Happy Diwali -- the Festival of Light (and the story of an epic romance)

Diwali begins Saturday. This is The Festival of Lights in Hindu, Jain and Sikh (and some Buddhist) traditions. President Obama reached out to the people of these traditions with this address, and a small ceremony at the White House. ...more

Happy Diwali - The Hindu/Jain/Sikh Festival of Lights

Hindus, Jains and Sikhs around the world will celebrate Diwali (or Deepawali) for a five day period starting this Friday. In Hindu tradition, this event celebrates King Rama’s return from a 14 year exile in the forests. When he was welcomed back, people set out “rows of lights” or “deepavali” (“diwali” for short) to welcome his return. ...more

I just noticed that I typo'd your name in my haste to tell the Ganesh story...I am so sorry. ...more