UPDATED: Federal Court Rules Bloggers Have Same First Amendment Protections as 'Traditional' Journalists

JANUARY 22, 2014: Last week, a U.S. federal court ruled that bloggers have the same free speech protections as traditional journalists under the First Amendment: If the topic is a "matter of public concern," plaintiffs must prove the writer was acting negligently -- even if the post is defamatory. ...more
Rhoadwarrior66 Drager/Haberman should be ashamed of himself with the 2006 lawsuit against his ...more

Dialogue: Is It Possible In This Political Atmosphere?

With the talks already ongoing to try and avert a government shutdown in the face of another debt ceiling crisis, I have decided to look at the broader question of whether it is genuinely possible to have an actual dialogue, on any subject, given the current political atmosphere. The first item in this conversation is to determine what dialogue actually is. Despite many different definitions that come to mind, and a lot of searching, I have happened upon a quote that seems to make the most sense. ...more
iKNOWPolitics I couldn't agree more! In the current political environment you are pushed for ...more

A Pastor’s Tweet: The Truth or Libel?

Getting fired because of a 140 character tweet is bad. What can be worse is being held financially responsible for your words in blogs, web sites and social media communications. The following is an example of evolving news story. Information and details may change, but this is what is known at this time. Pastor Shaun King has made powerful allegations concerning Bishop Jonathan Alvarado. Pastor King did not make the allegations at his church in Georgia; he used Twitter. ...more

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Orlando mom’s blog gets her sued by private school

Freedom of Speech or defamation? Orlando mom Sonjia McSween decided to voice her opinions about her daughter’s school. So she created a blog to let other parents know how she felt about The New School of Orlando. McSween was no fan of the school, and The Orlando Sentinel says her public statements resulted in the school filing a defamation suit asking for damages and for publication to cease. The suit was filed in Orlando, the ninth judicial circuit court. ...more

Stories like this make me wonder if the Blogosphere can get organized enough to craft itself a ...more