Life, Watersheds, and a Patchwork Quilt

Tucked away in a linen closet is a patchwork quilt my Grandmother made when I was a child.  It is a fine work of art; a labor of love.  But, it is much more than that.  It’s a time capsule....more

BEYOND ASTROLOGY: Psychic Horoscopes.How to Beat the Holiday Whoas. Sun Sign Strategies for Celebrating this Defining Moment

Happy Holidays. I see more meaningful celebrations, this year, for all Sun Signs - especially as many discard materialism-as-usual gift-giving in favor of celebrating family and friends. This blog is addressed to all Sun Signs equally, because we are all in this, together. Black Friday, this year, has a whole new meaning, doesn't it? But the sorry state of the Union doesn't mean we have to un-jolly the Season. There are literal and figurative ways to Spirit up! this year, beginning with Thanksgiving. ...more

I Have Officially Arrived

Have you ever had a "defining moment"? I have. In fact, I had one today. It turns out that I have my own, personal hater. Sasha of cccritique says, ...more