The Impossible Dream – a Debt-Free Degree

As the current high school senior class prepares for college next year, they and their parents may be wishing they were citizens of another country – one in which college educations are free to any qualified student. The American university system, however, maintains its “pay-as-you-go” structure, and families everywhere are scrambling to come up with the money – mortgaging their homes, using credit cards, finding grants or that illusive scholarship, taking out loans. All of this means a mountain of debt by the time that Bachelor’s degree is conferred. And that’s just the beginning....more

Ban Bossy? Ban Overachiever

There is a part of every conversation I have with someone new that I dread. It goes a little something like this:"Tell me about yourself.""Well, I recently graduated from Stanford."One eyebrow raises. "Oh, what was your major?""Do I look that young? Um, well, I graduated from law school and I got a PhD."Both eyebrows raise. "Wow. A bit of an overachiever are we?" Nervous laughter.Then I drop the bomb. "Really? But I hadn't even told you that I have three kids."And brains explode and heads shake. And judgment crashes down....more

What Degree Should You Choose?

One of the hardest decisions to make when you’re considering returning to school is your degree. There are so many choices, and your degree affects your life. That’s why you should choose something that fits your personality. You’ll be happier in the long run because you’ll be able to pursue your passion. Let us help you pick the degree that fits you the best.Are You a Social Butterfly? ...more

2012 college study

Growing up parents teach their children that education is very important to succeed. Dreams are told they can be reached with the right education. Some parents preach to their children that 4-year undergrad and more are the doors to success. Some parents are just happy to see their children go to any college, technical colleges. The question becomes which college leaves a person with more success? The real question should be which college degree is more successful to have during hard times? ...more