Sinfully Delicious Mini Egg Cookies

I've been known to have a sweet tooth. I have a love of cookies. I have a love of Cadbury Mini Eggs. What if... what if we combined the two? Mini Egg cookies.Genius....more

Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie Bars

CAN I HAVE THE NEXT CLUE NOW?!Have you ever gotten to the point where your plate was so full, and if one more thing is added you’re going to lose it?!...more

Walnut-Maple Sticky Buns

The warm buttery smell of cinnamon, browned butter, and toasted nuts can pretty much brighten up any average day. I think sticky buns are actually really under utilized; imagine if you gave a really mean, nasty person a sticky bun. It would at the very least make them quiet for a minute while they ate it. ...more

Healthy Chilaquiles

PBJ Superfood Bars

SNACK ATTACK – PBJ SUPERFOOD BARS Hey Peeps!   I’ve got something super delicious, totally easy & mega healthy for you today. How exciting, right?...more

Bacon Crusted Mini Quiche with Home Fries

Good Day All!  Well lets get right to it why don't we?  Today's meal is a prime example of me playing with my food.  I decided to do something for breakfast or brunch this time around.  So I came up with Bacon Crusted Mini Quiche with some Home Fries.  This meal is packed with protein and the necessary carbohydrates to keep you going throughout the day.  You could even serve this family style and show off your skills.  You should try it.Home Fries ...more

Delicious Apple Crumble Apples!

Stuffed Peppers

This is probably one of my FAVORITE meals. Not only is it only FOUR ingredients, but its SO easy and SO delicious.  My husband & 5 year old don’t like peppers, they always just eat the meat mixture… But I’m not complaining.. more peppers for me =)Check out the recipe here!

Social Media Sites Off the Beaten Path: 9 Sites You Should Know

Everyone and their mother has a Facebook or Twitter account.  But what about all those other social media networks; the ones that don't get the love and attention they deserve?  There really is a site for every interest; you need to go find it.  Whether it's in a social media site you've heard of but didn't originally think was for you, or in one you never even knew existed, there's plenty out there beyond Facebook and Twitter!  Here are 9 sites you may have overlooked. ...more
Pinterest is by far one of my favorite social media sites right now, and I'm getting the hang of ...more

White girl Lebanese Cabbage Rolls

Shoot...I could get in big trouble posting these. Mostly because my cooking will never be like the authenticity of my husband's family. But hey, I'm trying!! I was introduced to lebanese food only a few years ago after my husband and I were dating. When I first had it, I hated it. All the smells and the flavors were veeery strong to say the least. However, now, I crave it. WHAT?! Yeah...Christmas only comes once a year but we need to do this more than one time a year. I literally wait expectantly for weeks leading up to Christmas for these dishes. UHH-MAZ-ING....more