Stuffed Peppers

This is probably one of my FAVORITE meals. Not only is it only FOUR ingredients, but its SO easy and SO delicious.  My husband & 5 year old don’t like peppers, they always just eat the meat mixture… But I’m not complaining.. more peppers for me =)Check out the recipe here!

Social Media Sites Off the Beaten Path: 9 Sites You Should Know

Everyone and their mother has a Facebook or Twitter account.  But what about all those other social media networks; the ones that don't get the love and attention they deserve?  There really is a site for every interest; you need to go find it.  Whether it's in a social media site you've heard of but didn't originally think was for you, or in one you never even knew existed, there's plenty out there beyond Facebook and Twitter!  Here are 9 sites you may have overlooked. ...more
Pinterest is by far one of my favorite social media sites right now, and I'm getting the hang of ...more

White girl Lebanese Cabbage Rolls

Shoot...I could get in big trouble posting these. Mostly because my cooking will never be like the authenticity of my husband's family. But hey, I'm trying!! I was introduced to lebanese food only a few years ago after my husband and I were dating. When I first had it, I hated it. All the smells and the flavors were veeery strong to say the least. However, now, I crave it. WHAT?! Yeah...Christmas only comes once a year but we need to do this more than one time a year. I literally wait expectantly for weeks leading up to Christmas for these dishes. UHH-MAZ-ING....more

Turkey Chili with a twist

Even when it's 85+ outside, I am still making this recipe. Comfort food is comfort food and it has no season. At least to me. This Turkey Chili recipe is modified from an online recipe I found. Although Chili isn't the worst thing you can eat, you can make it bad. I see you adding them 20 saltines and pounds of shredded cheddar. Bet you wont even need them with this recipe! Turkey Chili ...more

Veggie-ful Lasagne

Delicious Golden Goodness for Guests

With so many different kinds of drinks out there, do you wish you had a delicious, yet  easy go-to drink recipe for when friends stop by? Well, here's one that just about anyone will love.  It has only 5 ingredients to have on hand.  Then mix together and serve in a pretty glass, with a cinnamon stick, orange peel or wedge to garnish....more

Adventures in Marriage and Cooking

My husband is a meat and potatoes kind of guy. However, he has two things that he will not eat. He can't stand onions and tomatoes, so I've had to come up with variations to work around not including these two ingredients that are in most recipes. One day, after I started cooking for him more, I asked what food he had been craving. My husband is such an amazing man and made sure I always got the foods I was craving when I was pregnant with our daughter, Ava. I wanted to do the same for him. He said that it had been years since he had beef stew....more

Recipe: Delicious and Easy Garlic Herb Butter