Tips for women: body, mind, beauty & wellness

Hi, this is the first time I will write for others about all the tips I been learning through my life. As a practical woman I learn different techniques for the body, mind and wellness.I hope to really help others with some tips, and knowledge that are easy to practice....more

Lemon Butter Chicken: Dinner for two

Surprise your other half with this delicious date night meal....more

Venison Steak @ The Fireplace

Growing up in the South, I quickly learned that deer is something most have in their freezer.If not, you know someone who does.Since I enjoy most all types of meat, I like to find different ways to prepare them each time.For these particular deer ‘steaks’, I took the back-straps of the deer to use.I started by unthawing the deer meat from the freezer 2 days prior to cooking. Then I made the marinade that the meat would soak in and tenderize....more

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies.