A Recovering Tiger Mom Speaks About Test Scores

Hello. My name is Junko, and I am a recovering Tiger Mom. Anyone who knew me before I became a mom would definitely have predicted that I would one day be your quintessential Tiger Mom. Most of my school-era friends would attest to the fact that I was driven. I was a perfectionist. I got good grades and ran for student government. I then went off to college and worked hard for my degree. Then I worked hard in my career, plotting towards my goals. I wore pantyhose and dry clean-only clothes. I actually began and completed many tasks. In fact, I followed my to-do list which I made in the morning, and I crossed everything off by night time. I demanded a lot of myself, and I suppose I demanded a lot from others as well....more
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A Labor Story for Labor Day

As part of Discovery Channel’s Baby week two years ago, I wrote about my son’s delivery.  This was a long, arduous vaginal birth of a huge 9 pound 8 ounce baby boy.  Not all deliveries are traumatic or occur under extreme circumstances.  My second birth went surprisingly smoothly, but that doesn’t make it any less of a miracle or the experience anything less than magical. Besides, Labor Day deserves a good labor story....more
What beautiful stories! You made my day! The children are all gorgeous new souls blessed by ...more

Post Partum Fire

WhereParentsTalk.com   by Lianne Castelino www.whereparentstalk.com ...more

Childbirth Journey: Retrospect

First of all, I enjoyed being pregnant.  Heck, I LOVED it!  When else can a woman just sit and read, and know she's accomplishing something wonderful at the same time?  I felt wonderful, pregnant.  I felt exhilarated, when I wasn't tired, and I felt justified in EATING, and I didn't have to constantly suck in my gut - because my gut was not merely a gut; it was a PERSON - I got gusts and boost of incredible energy during whi...more

What's for Dinner When Your Weekly Produce Box Arrives?

It had to be done. I fixed a firm expression on my face and told my husband the news, “We’re not having stir fries anymore.” ...more

Should Expectant Moms Be Discouraged From Inducing Labor?

Are you pregnant and living in Minnesota? Guess what: if you find yourself wanting to induce your labor, you might be up against some obstacles, because the state of Minnesota would really prefer that you not do that, thank you very much. It's poised to pass legislation requiring expectant mothers to fill out extensive paperwork if they want to be induced, in an effort to reduce the rate of induced labors in that state. ...more
Interesting....I am 35 so I had the AMA stamp.  My physician brought my age up at almost every ...more

Baby Blues

After the euphoria of having a healthy baby girl, I came home to wonderment, delight and joy. I was in awe of what I created. Even more, I was completely amazed at what a good baby she was – sleeping and eating just like they said a perfect newborn would do. And although I had felt it the first time around, 8 years ago with the birth of my son, I really hadn’t expected to revisit with the postpartum blues....more

5 Ways to Prepare for Natural Birth

When I became pregnant for the second time, it took visiting my local doctor once for me to decide that home birth was a must for me. And although I’d considered home birth on occasion, when I finally settled into that route for my birth, it became a life-changing endeavor for my husband and I. Birth can be empowering. Transformative. And such a positive experience. Natural birth. Home birth. It can be all of these things and more. So, for whichever route you choose to approach your upcoming birth from, here are a few very simple but powerful ways a mother can prepare....more

The Power of Choice: The Law of Birth Centers

Having Choices   ...more