New Alzheimer's Caregivers: Children, Teens, and Young Adults

 I remember coming home from school soon after I turned 12 years old, and finding my mom lying in bed, covered in sweat, writhing in her sleep, and moaning....more

Can Pet Therapy Be An Asset In Dementia Care?


I Called Dad but Dementia Answered

As has been the case a lot lately, the day just got away from me.  The plan is to visit with dad tomorrow.  But, it’s more on my mind that I didn’t see him yesterday or today.  It’s getting late.  My best guess is he’s likely already had his shower and is tucked in bed for the night.  I feel like I need to hear his voice.  The phone is right there by his bed on the nightstand.  His second roommate in five mont...more
220cortstreet Thank you for the comment.  Yes, I do know what you mean. Being grateful for what ...more