This is your brain on ... rosemary vs. lavender

Finally - a scientific study on the effects of rosemary on memory! Among the holistic/alternative crowd, rosemary has been known/rumored to have memory-enhancing properties. But few researchers in the scientific community had done much to test the herb to confirm it's attributes.But researchers at Northumbria University recently did a test to see if rosemary essential oil could benefit future memory, and they tested it against lavender oil....more

2 Drugs found to HALT brain degeneration

I'd say it's pretty big news: Researchers have figured out that two licensed drugs have been shown (on mice) to actually HALT brain degeneration. Besides the obviously reason, this is also good news because the drugs are already safe and well-tolerated. That means researchers can start doing trials rather than waiting for drugs to be approved....more

11 Tips to Keep Your Brain Healthy

June is Alzheimer's Awareness Month and this article offers some good tips on keeping your brain healthy. are more obvious (eating a healthy diet) but some are less so. for example, some studies have linked depression to an increased risk of dementia. Here are the 10 plus one of my own:1. Do some cardio to increase blood flow to the brain.2. Take a class. Learning new things helps keep the brain healthy....more

Stroke ages your brain 8 years overnight

In a study of 4,900 seniors (African American and Caucasian) over 65 investigators found that stroke significantly lowered their score on a 27-item test of memory and thinking speed. How much? As if they had aged 7.9 years overnight!It's interesting to note that there were no racial differences regarding the effects of stroke, although other studies on cognitive decline have shown found significant differences. Specifically, the rates of cognitive problems in older non-Hispanic Caucasians are half those of older African Americans....more

Progression of My Mother's Early Onset Alzheimer's in Photos

After watching Still Alice with my husband recently, I began looking through photos of my mom in old blog posts–photos of her living with the enemy, early onset Alzheimer’s disease.  I pieced together the pictures in chronological order, trying to create a visual timeline of her decline....more

80+-year-old woman trained her brain to outsmart people half her age

This is a great piece by 40-something Englishman Adam Shaw who went to Japan to report on personal brain training and was humiliated by an 80-something Japanese woman named Endo Tokiko who has been attending a "brain gym" three times a week for a while.The man who runs the program, Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, is a neuroscientists and the author of "Train Your Brain: 60 Days to a Better Brain." ...more

Younger people with Alzheimer's show non-memory-loss symptoms

When we think of Alzheimer's, the first symptom we conjure is almost always memory loss. But there's new research that indicates that younger people with Alzheimer's may not always experience memory loss as their first symptom.For younger people (under 60), they're more likely to have problems with judgement, language or visual and spatial awareness. ...more