The Elephant in the Room

(or the Donkey – whichever one floats your boat)Tomorrow is Election Day. Whew! We finally made it to this monumental point, hopefully with our sanity intact. Many of us have early voted. As a former Elections Manager I’m happy to see that citizens around the country early voted in record numbers, with what looks to be record numbers voting tomrrow....more

Only a Flesh Wound

That famous cry of the Black Knight from Monty Python can be heard throughout the Republican primaries, How long will the candidates keep whacking away at each other? No one knows....more

I Want the Freedom to Be Stupid...

"Being stupid is its own reward." ~UnknownI'll admit, we do live in the country with the most freedoms today.  I try to be grateful for that, but it's tough.  I look back on our Constitution and it both saddens and angers me as to what has happened to that wonderful document over the years.  We've lost sight of what it was supposed to do and mean for the American people....more

You May Not Like this, But You Owe it to Yourself to Check it Out...

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I'm not a conspiracy theorist.  I have a pretty good head on my shoulders and I don't buy into a lot of those really "out there" theories and beliefs.  I am, however, open to self-education, new ideas and thoughts.  I am always willing to consider a possibility before discarding one....more

I agree. The world economy is so manipulated. There are puppetmasters. I need to check out the ...more

2010 Election: The Day After Wrap-Up and Resources for Bloggers

Last night was pretty epic, and you know I'm not talking about the number of cookies, chips and cups of coffee I consumed while channel surfing in a room full of NE Ohio political bloggers (all who lean left, while our state went right!). ...more

Women's Campaign Forum is up with a prelim look at how their candidates ...more

Race to Watch: Minnesota's Michele Bachmann Debates Tarryl Clark

The Minnesota Sixth District, a sprawling, irregularly shaped district comprising of numerous suburbs and smaller cities in central Minnesota, has had a fair share of media attention ever since Republican Representative Michele Bachmann first won her congressional seat in 2006. ...more

Thank you for such a detailed account of the race and the debate. Although the polls show ...more

On Glenn Beck: The Constitution Guarantees His Right to Assemble and Speak

With his staff’s monumental assistance, Glenn Beck has done an enormous amount of research. On modern day Americans and our antecedents. On different leaders in history, their policies and politics. He talks of honor. Of faith. ...more

I wish I understood more about the law and how it works. It's easy to see how the Constitution ...more

Choosing Life for the American People

When someone gets loud and defensive, you know you've got them. The pro-choice community has been pretty deafening lately. Partial credit is due to Democrat Rep. Bart Stupak, who made abortion a defining issue in the health care debate. ...more