Hurricane Todd Hits Democratic Convention in Charlotte

I attended the 2008 Democratic convention as a guest and sent out daily emails to friends about my experiences. As a Hillary supporter with a lot of Hillary friends, the Denver convention was high drama -- how would Hillary be treated? How would her speech be received? Would Barack win over those harboring resentment? I felt the Democrats left the last convention with some healing and more unity after the bruising primaries of 2007-2008 and they rallied to get out the vote for the election of Barack Obama....more

My Heart Is Still With Hillary

Hillary Rodham Clinton, you broke my heart on Tuesday night. When you spoke at the Democratic National Convention, I wept. There you were, radiant and more than ready to be our president. You rose above what must be tremendous disappointment to become a statesperson, delivering the speech of your lifetime. As I listened, I wondered just how many Americans were slack jawed, regretting earlier decisions, votes cast. How many said to themselves, "We could have had Hillary Clinton as our next president. What were we thinking?" ...more

A Day 45 Years in the Making and Why It's So Personal

I was only 3 years old when Martin Luther King Jr. delivered the "I Have A Dream Speech" on the Washington Mall so, obviously, I wasn't there. Yet it seems that every day of my life has been shaped by the words spoken that day. I've seen the video footage so many times that it seems that those events are a part of my personal experience. However those are images captured through a lens and someone else's point of view. ...more

I was six years old on August 28, 1963. My parents took me to Washington for the March, but ...more

The time I nominated an alternate VP at the Democratic Convention

It was August 12, 1980. New York City was sweltering amid a torrid heat wave, and there seemed to be no relief, especially in the halls of that year's Democratic convention. Ted Kennedy and Jimmy Carter were locked in a vicious battle for the Democratic nomination. Carter was going to take it, but Kennedy wasn't making it easy for him. ...more

That must have be really awesome to experience.


Eating crow and loving it!

For my midnight snack last night I had my dark chocolates and a big helping of crow, which I washed down with my chamomile tea, and loved it! ...more

I felt the same way that you did watching that speech! I had debated whether I would vote for ...more

Why I'm Leaving the Democratic Party

Democrats used to be fun.  ...more

In some ways I feel that way about both parties, everything is topsy turvy and don't you dare ...more

"It's the catharsis, stupid:" Hillary & her supporters hold fast

"I'm Still Here," should be the theme song for P.U.M.A. members, who seem to believe that Hillary has a grandfather clause entitling her to the nomination, if not the presidency. "Party Unity My Ass" could help create a President McCain as the group is nothing if not rigid and defiant with many refusing to vote Democratic unless the candidate is Hillary. ...more

1968 to 2008: We Must Not Screw This Up

This column first appeared on Comments not included here. ...more

10 Alternative Ways To Track Democratic Convention News

A lot of people have been asking me about the best ways to keep track of the news coming out of the Democratic Convention in Denver. We all know you can watch cable news and read the major newspapers, but I decided to make a definitive list of the best alternative ways to follow the events of the DNC. ...more

Neil Cavuto To Joe Biden: Call Me

Fox News Neil Cavuto just issued an on-air plea to Joe Biden: "Senator, if you're in there, just tell us how many homes, how many bedrooms and baths. I know you're pressed for time, but if you can..." Cavuto says people inside the Biden compound are leaking to Fox News to end the endless on-air speculation about his ritzy digs.. ...more