It's Not a Bailout if We Call It a "Stimulus"

Last fall when congress pushed forth billions for the infamous Wall Street bailout people were united in calling that bit of legislation for what it was: a BAILOUT. Nationalism. Big government. The Wall Street bailout was a billion-dollar band-aid on poor business practices and a boon for non-essential, pork items. Now we're faced with another bit of legislation, a $800+ billion dollar handout which, for the most part, covers poor business practices and pork. ...more

...and it would be funny if it wasn't so sad for the country. Just a few points, as I'm ill and ...more

So is Dissent Still the Highest Form of Patriotism?

This is an answer I am excited to watch unfold because it has been the mantra of the left for the past eight years. To criticize was to be intellectually discerning; to condemn that with which one disagreed was considered a public service. What I've witnessed online, on television, and in everyday life has me concerned, however. Jonna (the well-read Jonniker) made a brilliant point last week: ...more

You're right. I've read more about it since this discussion started.


Obama's Inauguration - as Seen from Abroad

As the granddaughter of Italian immigrants, America has always signified for me, a place of hope, success, progress, and a place where anyone – despite their background -- could make it if they wanted to.  Those words on the base of the Statue of Liberty, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” have long stood out as a reminder to every American whose ancestors came from another land.  A gift from France, she proudly stands as a beacon to those who long for a better life.  ...more

David Ehrenstein, Chip Saltsman, and Puff the Magic Dragon Walk into a Bar

This was intended to be a short piece about how Chip Saltsman distributed a CD with the political parody "Barack the Magic Negro" set to the tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon," and how people were angry at him and Mike Duncan at the RNC got his days-of-the-week panties in a bunch, but I decided that to write something short and sweet was a) impossible for me to do and b) an insult to the intellectual integrity of this issue. ...more

Whether Saltsman is a racist, I wouldn't know.  You have to hang around with a person and ...more

Is a Bi-Partisan Cabinet Emerging - and Can It Help Us Heal?

Depends on who you ask. I've heard from more Democrats than I can count that Barack Obama's numerous appointments of centrist Clinton remnants have them feeling baited and switched; I've heard from multitudes of conservatives who feel disenfranchised that the only Republican in the promised bi-partisan is hold-ever Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates - who is neither a yardstick for Republicans or guaranteed to keep his job for the first year. (It has been said that Chuck Hagel is in the running for an appointment as well.) ...more

Beyond the Palin

There's a low rumble coming from the belly of the Republican party. The promoted stereotype of conservative women is that they only come in one model. Were I to write an advertisement the commonly regarded cliche, it would read something like this: ...more

This is a great list of women to watch in the GOP. Conservatism is neither dead nor ...more

Lapping up or lamenting Joe Lieberman?

Looking back, it seems kind of crazy, the pre-occupation with What Will They Do To Joe Lieberman? But the truth is, I still can't decide if it really matters or not. ...more

Yup - I agree with you too! Re: Joe made the choices, he should have been made to feel the ...more

The Guide to the Obama Presidency

Living in a country where you don’t like the leadership is difficult, I’ll admit. However, it is NOT impossible. This is a quick and simple guide for non-Obama supporters to make it through the next few weeks, months, and years. ...more

This Election Day, It Seems Like Christmas

Casting my vote has never felt so good. Even despite my one passing moment of Hillary-missing, I happily flipped the switch for Barack Obama. A friend went with me to the polling station, and we were both so excited it felt like Christmas—with the exception that we must wait until tonight for Santa to bring us our present, a brand new Democratic President. ...more



Election '08 Media Coverage: The Highs and The Lows

Halleluljah! The 2008 election is almost over. It's been exciting, inspiring, historic and incredibly contentious. Soon we won't be hearing anymore about John "Mr. Grumpy Puss" McCain and Barack "Mr. Tax and Spend" Obama or Sarah "We're Mavericks" Palin or Joe "I"m From Scranton" Biden. But before we move on to the next act in this political drama, let's take a look back from a media standpoint. In a campaign year when many Americans got their news from the internet: YouTube, Facebook, campaign websites and hundreds of blogs on the internet that helped shape public opinion and motivate voters, it would be a mistake to forget the power the mainstream media (MSM) still holds over shaping a candidate's image. Here are some Election 2008 MSM highs and lows. ...more

Hi Michelle,

After Obama's win maybe now we can put the whole idea of the more