Spreading the Wealth

Who are we kidding; capitalism redistributes wealth as surely as socialism. Capitalism left unchecked redistributes wealth from the pockets of the poor and middle class to the pockets of the wealthy. Our economic system benefits the rich and penalizes the poor. It's expensive to be poor. The least the government can do is limit the plundering. If the government can also ease the burden a bit, what's so wrong with that? Where do you think the poor and middle class spend their dollars? Paris? ...more

Real Political Animals: Donkey and Elephant

Democratic Donkeys and Republican Elephants: The political animal imagery has been around so long - at least 180 years - that we no longer question the how or the why. In fact, I'd forgotten about it entirely until Sarah Palin showed up to a rally wearing a red-white-and-blue donkey neck scarf on October 21. Naturally, she got slammed with lots of 'WTF?' blog posts and news headlines and her misplaced accessory might've been overlooked but the darn thing had the word "VOTE" all over it. ...more


Your opium observation reeks of the truth - why wouldn't Santa be a junkie? He ...more

Hillary Supporters: "Massive Voter Fraud" by Obama


socrates  Good evening, Cooper,

I would be quite surprised if ...more

Welcoming a conservative into the BlogHer fold

I’ve spent the past couple of years “coming out,” as it were, politically. I began blogging in 2001, anonymously, on politics and music for a group website I’d founded (and dismantled when I started Mamalogues). Here I am again, but this time I’m using my name. ...more

I probably have you all beat at jumping ships.  I've done it twice now.  I started as ...more

Palin’s Homespun Homilies on Healthcare: Her Reality Bites

You decide...You decide...If you have not yet read New York Times columnist Paul Krugman's article that compares the healthcare plans of presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain, I hope you take the time now to do so. In fact, I've posted it here, below. Here are some facts that you should be aware of:* 1. Nearly 47 million Americans have no health insurance. 2. 8.5 percent of these are children under the age of eighteen. 3. As for women in general: - Between the ages of 18-24, 24.7% are uninsured. ...more

My soapbox

Welcome to my first ever (and likely last) political blog post. I want to say up front that I mean no offense, and I don’t expect most of you to agree with me, and I’m truly not doing this to open up a heated debate between sides. But it’s time for me to respond to the statement/accusation I encounter practically every day: “But… but you’re a Christian. You can’t be a Democrat!” I just want to state my case, just once ... just because I can. ...more

Thanks for responding with such respect. I absolutely try to honor and respect a person's own ...more

Single Women’s Top 5 Debate Questions for Palin and Biden

Thursday is a very big day: the debate between the vice presidential candidates, Senator Joe Biden (D) and Governor Sarah Palin (R). And frankly, TV and radio pundits, I'm not interested in what Palin will be wearing, or whether a frown from Biden means he's being "mean" to her. Joe BidenIn fact, I want both of them in the hot seat. Because single women have concerns they need addressed-honestly, openly, and immediately-by our political candidates. We are the Lipstick Lobby-but we're not looking for lip service. ...more


I'm not sure who frustrates me more; Pelosi and her poorly timed comments about the Bush Administration, the Republicans who try and claim this was sufficient cause to vote against the bill, or the constituents who refuse to see the interconnected nature of our economy. ...more

Family Politics - Getting Along When Your Views Just Don't

I got a political forward from my cousin last week, the first of its kind this election cycle. It was surprising to me because the last time we talked about the candidates, I was shocked by her switch to someone I never dreamed she'd support. It was just coincidentally, also, to a candidate more in line with my own personal views, something that had never happened before. ...more

My father has always been slightly different from me in our perception of political issues ...more

Next debate, please.