The Perfect Jeans: Five Tips to Get the Best Fit

The perfect jeans are like the Holy Grail: Many of us aren't sure they really exist, but we believe, and we search. Endlessly. We try on every possible pair, and we put our faith in the most expensive options because if they work for celebrities, maybe they'll work for us.But it's not about how much you spend, or what brand you're wearing; the perfect jeans are all about fit....more

Plus in the winter, they hide slush stains easier.

They also ...more

Oprah’s Favorite Jeans

Oprah has found "The perfect jeans for real women with real booties!" I love the idea behind these women's jeans, CJ by Cookie Johnson. Cookie Johnson decided that being unable to pull the jeans at the stores past her thighs did not means she needed to change her body to fit those jeans - after all, she eats right, exercises and is in great shape. ...more

Stretch Denim

I think we are lucky that these days almost all jeans, especially women's jeans, have stretch. Jeans in the past used to be incredibly rigid and limiting. ...more

Finally! Premium Denim for Curvier Women!

  Check out the original DD Blog here. ...more

The Stash Busting Challenge: Repurpose/ReUse Sewing Tutorials

Another month, another step toward toward Stash Busting! ...more

Joe's Jeans: Designer jeans for many bodies

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Joe's Jeans. ...more

Well, I can at least help with the size issue. Generally, a 29 waist is an 8, a 30 is a 10, a ...more

Taking summer skirts into fall

It's still hot at my house, but the promise of fall is just around the corner; it's time to think about what to put away and what to keep working as the weather cools. Shannon wants to know specifically about skirts. OK, so you've discussed what to do about ballet flats when the weather turns cold. But what about all the cute knee-length A-line skirts I've been wearing all spring and summer (the denim, the chino, the flower-print cotton)? It's still warm here in Minnesota but it won't be for long, and then bare legs will not be an option. Can I wear tights with any of these skirts? And if so, what color? I mean, I get that that I'd want black tights with a black skirt, but I'm talking about my denim and khaki-colored chino skirts especially. Black tights still? Last winter I had a newborn and I slobbed around in jeans, yoga pants, and running shoes or Dansko clogs, so this is a new dilemma for me: looking cute, and nice, when the weather's too cold for the bare-legged skirts that have lifted me out of total frumpiness this past summer. I don't want to give it all up now! ...more

I have a question about the skirt/dress transition into fall!

I'm loving the skirt/dress with ...more