Born, raised, made in Knoxville: Marc Nelson Denim

Friday Favorites...Mad for Madewell


Denim Junkie: Fall Organizing

Denim Junkie-Fall Organizing Somehow the change of seasons always prompts closet organization. My jeans needed to be sorted through desperately. As much as I try to purge my jeans regularly, my denim collection just seems to get bigger and bigger and my closet smaller and smaller....more

Denim Junkie DIY

Denim Junkie DIY For those of you that know me, you know that I am always, cutting or bleaching, or ripping, or slashing holes into a pair of old jeans. Or cutting the sleeves or neck off a t-shirt or old sweatshirt....more

Hippie Chic

Hippie Chic Someplace deep inside I think I am truly a Hippie Chic, especially during the spring and summer months I tend to lean towards the bohemian styles. I love the easy laid back bohemian vibe, a little undone.... ...more

The perfect pair: The how to on how to find it!

Alright, for me finding a great fitting pair of jeans is the equivalent of finding a great bathing suit....more