Thank You, Dennis Kucinich

Today, Democratic Representative Dennis Kucinich of Ohio announced that he will vote yes on the health care reform bill, and I want to thank him. Although the bill is far from perfect, and I am disappointed it does not include a public option, it does contain provisions that will help many Americans. Here are the top ten immediate benefits according to the House Democrats:...more

And I mean that literally and colloquially. :)


Elisa Camahort Page ...more

Quote of the Day: "Wake Up America"

-- the rallying cry of Senator Dennis Kucinich during his speech at the Democratic National Convention  ...more

This is my candidate!


 I was clued to this on cspan. heh. what a wonk, eh? some of the actual citations were  ...more

Now I can't vote for anyone in the primary.

Kucinich Drops Out, The Nation via Yahoo! News. Emphases mine. ...more