The Connection Between Oral and Overall Health

Your mouth is the gateway to the body, and not just because it is how we get our fuel, but because your oral health can be an indicator of your entire body’s health. Good oral hygiene isn’t just about having a nice smile and keeping bad breath at bay, it’s about living a healthy lifestyle and being at your very healthiest. The bacteria that live in our mouth aren’t confined to the mouth, which means an unhealthy mouth can result in an unhealthy body....more

Preventive Dental Care Tips for Families

More children have cavities now than a decade ago due to the high sugar content in their diet. You may think that you practice good oral hygiene, but you may get a shock when meeting with a dental professional from Yaletown Laser & Cosmetic Dentistry in Vancouver. This is because tooth decay can affect you and your family at a very young age, causing distress to everyone. This can be remedied with a few preventive dental care tips that you can practice with your family....more

Buddy is so HAPPY that we ar finished cleaning his teeth!! ME TOO!

WATCH VIDEO HERE: is video two of me cleaning his teeth... he is SO happy when we are finished!  He actually seems happy!{{So, my Buddy has really bad teeth issues...  He gets so much plaque in about three months time.  I personally can not afford to get his teeth cleaned every three months, so I decided to try cleaning his teeth myself.I bought this one.. its under $10 and like it better than the $20 set I boughtBUY ME HERE

Six Foods to Eat Now for a Healthy Smile

 Practicing good oral hygiene goes far beyond your everyday flossing routine. A healthy smile can often be contingent on the food you eat and your everyday diet. Failing to protect your mouth from harmful bacteria means an attack on your enamel, a fundamental defense against tooth decay, according to Dr....more

Daily Dental Hygiene from The Smile Shop

I’ll be the first to admit it – I’m…not a huge fan of the dentist (and that’s just a slight understatement). And what scares me more is that my sentiment toward the dentist could be a huge factor to whether or not my child enjoys dental hygiene. I’m working on positive reinforcement, building up excitement for the dentist, and keeping fear, frustration, and anger out of it....more

Purging, Throwing, Ridding

Today, exactly two months since I was let go from my job I found myself throwing away all of the stuff associated with it as well as deleting the emails. The following post is from by blog Accuratelyme.  ...more

Orabrush-Tame Your Tongue and Your Breadth

You have probably run across these Orabrush videos already. They are a brilliant example of marketing work that actually engages viewers, creates a brand name and produces sales....more