2010 Chevy Equinox

The 2010 Chevy Equinox has been awesome to drive. It was dropped off at my place in San Diego around noon on Monday. I grabbed the keys, signed the Loan Agreement and it was mine. I headed out that afternoon, driving through traffic in Riverside, past the lights of Vegas and finally stopped long enough to close my eyes for a few hours in Cedar City, UT. ...more

Short Story Contest--Winner gets published!

Colorado authors are encouraged to submit their erotic short stories to Paper Bag Press, through June 6. Read about the guidelines here. This online ebook store is pairing up with a popular Denver sex shop to do this contest. Looks like fun! ...more

Love who you are, and what you do. Do it all as a proudly passionate, real, female entrepreneur.

Make a list of the characteristics people most admire about you. You’ll need to solicit the help of your family and friends for this one. The process will help define who you are—and what you do. Remember, these are the characteristics that make you real. Let them shine in a real way. ...more

Coming out of the blogging closet at work

Last week in Denver I had to grovel for credentials. Not regular Pepsi Center credentials or floor passes so that I could see right up Beau Biden's nose, but for Big Tent credentials. Basically I had to promise my first born to someone in order to sit in a giant outdoor tent, kept warm by the sweaty heat off of people's bodies and MacBooks. I had to beg to be with my fellow geeks. Fist bumps for twittering through Bill Clinton's 20 minute standing ovation. ...more

More of my husband's co-workers read my blog than my own family and friends because I don't ...more

A Day 45 Years in the Making and Why It's So Personal

I was only 3 years old when Martin Luther King Jr. delivered the "I Have A Dream Speech" on the Washington Mall so, obviously, I wasn't there. Yet it seems that every day of my life has been shaped by the words spoken that day. I've seen the video footage so many times that it seems that those events are a part of my personal experience. However those are images captured through a lens and someone else's point of view. ...more

I was six years old on August 28, 1963. My parents took me to Washington for the March, but ...more

Quote of the Day: "Wake Up America"

-- the rallying cry of Senator Dennis Kucinich during his speech at the Democratic National Convention  ...more

Democrats Invade Denver - Watch Where You Step

Growing up in LA, I was so accustomed to helicopters that I never really noticed them until I moved away. The chop-chop-chop was just a part of the urban jungle landscape. So it was with great alarm when I first noticed helicopters circling my beloved 'metro cowtown' of Denver the last month or so. It was the local law enforcement practicing emergency drills for the Democratic National Convention - the biggest party to come to town since ... since the 1908 Democratic National Convention. ...more

...and when I do, I want a ClizBiz tutorial!

Lisa Stone


No, I'm not in Denver. Been there, done that, got lots of t-shirts, hats, buttons, and memories of spending the days in transit from event to event and watching hordes of people cruising from event to event to see who they might see there and of course to be seen themselves. I plan on keeping tabs on the convention happenings and blog throughout though. And I imagine I'll have a better seat from my home office. ...more

10 Alternative Ways To Track Democratic Convention News

A lot of people have been asking me about the best ways to keep track of the news coming out of the Democratic Convention in Denver. We all know you can watch cable news and read the major newspapers, but I decided to make a definitive list of the best alternative ways to follow the events of the DNC. ...more

Will DNC attendees suffer from altitude sickness?

Congratulations, you're going to Denver for the DNC! While you're making lists of things to pack, thinking about all of the great people you're going to meet, and dreaming about the stories you're going to write don't forget to prepare for altitude sickness. Even if you've never experienced it before you will want to be prepared, just in case. What is altitude sickness? Air sickness is a pathological condition that is caused by acute exposure to low air pressure. ...more

It's difficult to eat and drink during high energy/high stress situations, like weddings and ...more