The problem with the Broncos

The best thing I saw so far on Facebook so far was from my girlfriends husband.The problem with the Broncos is that they are high on pot….LOLI am sorry I rooted for Peyton because I am the reason he lost. When I root for a team lately, it’s as though the other side always winds. I am a champion for older players, such as Jamie Moyer when he was with the Phillies and poor Peyton Manning.Congrats Seahawks…you ran over Denver,...more

Was Payton Manning A Good Investment?

The 2012 off-season was a bit like the hokey-pokey.  You put Manning in, you take Tebow out, you put Sanchez in and shake it all about.  You do the NFL Hokey Pokey…. Well you get the idea.  In case you missed it, the Denver Broncos, the team that drafted Tim Tebow last year, crowning him the future of the Denver franchise, negotiated to get Peyton Manning.  It was an interesting choice considering Manning sat out the entire 2011 season with a serious enough neck injury that, if reinjured, would end his career....more