The best natural deodorant

 Over the past year I've been trying out all different types and brands of natural, non-toxic deodorants and this is by far the best one that I've found.   ...more

Fresh Beauty Products to Take on a Test Drive!

Looking beautiful and feeling fabulous seems to go easier if we women have a few beauty aids to help with the process of maximizing our gorgeousness! So here are some fresh and fun new beauty products from handmade companies that are tried and true and may become your next favorites!...more

Natural or Neurotoxin?: A Day of Deodorant

I've heard really bad things about natural deodorant. I've heard that Tom's doesn't work, store brands only pretend to be natural, yadda yadda yadda.  I've also heard that regular antiperspirant - which contains aluminium chlorohydrate - is really bad for you....more

to add an endorsement for this deodorant product...eight years ago it started- I was using my ...more

Remove Deodorant Marks Like Magic (or Why You Should Take a Clean White Sock When You Travel)

You know that deodorant commercial that shows the woman diving through her window to avoid getting white marks on her black dress? Annoying, right? I mean, I understand what they're getting at -- we've all twisted ourselves into various pretzel-y positions trying to get that dark top on without putting a big white streak on the side, but it's really just a bit of a bother and not quite as dramatic as the commercial would make it seem....more
you can also use pantyhose.  I work in a retail store and we are constantly using the samples of ...more

Homemade Beauty Gifts

I keep reading that many families have to take a "home made/hand made" vow for holiday presents this year.  Instead of feeding the rampant commercialism that came crashing to earth with the financial collapse last year, these families are returning to the idea of simpler times when there were fewer presents but the presents will be hand made.  ...more


Thank you.

I keep thinking about that chocolate lip balm and thinking ...more

Deodorant Discrimination Stinks

Perhaps here is proof that I have too much time on my hands these days. While buying deodorant at my nearest convenient drugstore chain (Duane Reade), I noticed that the price of deodorants designed for men and those designed for women was the same. I spent at least 40 minutes looking at every deodorant product on the shelf, logging the prices in my BlackBerry, and getting angrier by the second. What I found: men's deodorant sticks contained as much as three ounces more of deodorant than women's did. ...more

This holds true with dry cleaning as well. Men's button down dress shirts are a mere $1.50 ...more

underarmy: YAY for minty pits!

I can't remember exactly when I first heard Jenny talking about her minty pits, but I do recall it getting my attention.  We were on the phone, and she was online, checking email maybe, when I heard her suck in all her breath and exclaim, "OMG, they're selling my deodorant again!  Minty pits!" ...more

 I love Bliss products as a general rule, but this is one I haven't tried yet.

 I have ...more