Nite-Nite, Sweet Pea

As though I don’t have enough things on my plate already, I am also in the process of earning a Master’s degree through the U.S....more

The Voice of an Indirect Non-Combatant Casualty of War

My husband of 18 years is deploying and I recently moved my Vietnam Veteran father into my basement because his PTSD has become so severe he has to live with me so I can make sure he gets to doctor appointments and takes his meds or he'd become a homeless alcoholic. I have a set of twins. They turn 5 years old soon. I am a spiritualist and believe deeply in miracles....more

The Return From Iraq: When Coming Home Is Not Homecoming

Intact. We use it when “things” are “not broken,” when they are still “working.” And we use it sometimes to gloss over the hidden fissures…the cracks that deepen under stress and strain. My husband returned from Iraq on October 31, 2006 -- four and a half years ago. My husband, for whom I had waited so many months, came home but he never had a homecoming. He returned intact but with a crucial piece missing -- his men. ...more

Thank you everyone for your supportive words! This was almost as tough to share as it was to ...more

In the life of a Military Wife

            Getting ready to move, again. This time next year we’ll be somewhere else in the world. Where? Don’t know, but I would love to go overseas. I enjoy the travel, seeing different places and cultures. The hard part is the packing, leaving your friends behind, and making new ones. Having to explain to the kids that you are moving because of daddy’s job....more

That was kind of the spirit in which I meant it. I appreciate your response, I wished you had ...more

Finally letting him go

It's been weird since R got back safely.  It's been good, don't get me wrong, but yesterday I worked out why it was weird.  I've been worried about him almost constantly for almost 3 years.  In fact, just over 3 years, since his marriage started to fall apart and so many lies were told about him. I digress. ...more

How do you say Goodbye?

It seemed like deja vu. The long day of looking at each other, small talk about the house, picking up the kids from school, a quiet dinner, homework and then bedtime. And then the last hug and kiss good-bye. It is a scene that is much too familiar to me and one that I repeated again last night. ...more

How did I get here?

When I graduate from High School, I was young, ambitious and dead set on not living the lives of my parents. So, I created three rules for myself (Please remember, I was just 18 - in other words, young and niave): 1. Never join the military- After growing up the daughter of a vetenam vet and career soldier, I had decided the last thing I would ever do was join the Army. I was so adamant about this that I even refused to apply for any military scholarships. ...more