He Tells Me We Need To Talk

On August 6, 2015 ...more

Depression Is Forever...

Sometimes I forget just how bad it can be. How completely and utterly full of despair I can become. How out of control I can feel....more

Thank You...

In appreciation of your patience and continued support, I want to offer my wonderful readers a little something. I have not been able to write as often as I would like, and I know this can be irksome. I have been dabbling with some design work in the hopes of creating some promotional materials for Depression Ever After, and I want to share with you what I have created so far....more

Expressive Therapeutic Writing

When I began writing poetry, I had no intention of ever sharing my work. It was for my eyes only. Writing was my therapy when I couldn’t find the help I needed, and nothing I did seemed to work. Recently, I began to wonder about the science behind it. Why has something as simple as writing been such an essential outlet for me during my darkest hours? Is writing something that might be as useful to others as it was to me? ...more

Blog Post: When Depression Feels Like Drowning

Photo by Eyes of OdysseusSometimes, as someone who is extremely sensitive to pain and suffering, I find an image that I can’t let go of, no matter what I do. This is one of those images....more

Find out why I share my Depression Story

Often people ask me why I share my experiences with Depression. There is still so much stigma around mental illness that people are shocked when I willingly and freely discuss my own experiences with it. They assume that I am ashamed of it, and that I should hide it away from the world. I disagree....more

Depression Ever After: An inside look at the life of a "normal" girl living with Depression.

Depression Ever After is my personal blog about living with Depression. I have been living with Depression since I was 14 years old, and wasn't diagnosed until I was about 21. I decided to share my Depression story through this blog in the hopes of challenging the stigma against mental illness, and giving a voice to those who have not yet found their own....more

Unhappy Mother

I originally wrote this post back in 2009, and still have users googling "Uhhappy mother" and coming to this page. Every. Single. Day.  It has since inspired three separte follow up posts which you can read here, here, and here.  ...more

I Broke My Mood Elevator

http://wordsandmusic365.blogspot.com/2012/02/i-broke-my-mood-elevator-2152012.html    ...more

Aging in a Prison of Indecisions While Menopausal

As I sit and write, a drying-out prune from so much crying (lately I seem to cry a lot), I am aging in a prison—partnered with menopause—and indecisive about my life: stay fat, lose weight, to exercise or not to exercise. But darn it; make a decision soon, for my health’s sake. What to do…? But why do today what I could put off and do tomorrow? Do. Don’t! Yes. No! But then tomorrow never comes. And only if I am lucky, I’ll die of old age waiting, while still deciding. Now that’s-a-hoot!...more

How awesome that you have found an outlet! And I agree with you, a project like writing is an ...more