My life is funnier when I'm depressed

So I'm new, obviously...I have my personal blog and I'm waiting for it to be listed with BlogHer, but in the meantime, here I am. My blog,, started as a way for me to reach out to other women with depression, but has evolved into a sort of journal of my personal story about living with the disorder....more

Fighting Depression While Raising Children: It Takes An (Online) Village

I've said it here before and I'll say it again: in my darkest, most troubled, most difficult moments, the Internet has saved my life. Sure, my doctor and my psychiatrist and my Ativan prescription were all some help in keeping my head above water when the waves of post-partum depression crashed and pounded over me, but really, it was the presence of a community of women who were speaking truth to power about the reality of post-partum depression that kept me afloat....more

If only I'd been online and had the village when I went through pre-, post-, and pre-school- ...more

The Unrelenting Self-Doubt And Second-Guessing of Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

You're never gonna know what the exact right thing is to do.  You just aren't. How much does that suck? Being a parent is tough business, and for those of us with postpartum depression or anxiety I'd venture to say it's even tougher.  We start off on the wrong foot from the very start.  This leads to even more self-doubt, even more guilt, and even more second-guessing. I still do this all the time. ...more

Depression: There's Still A Pill For That

I'd make a joke about the news that antidepressants might not work being depressing, but it wouldn't really be funny, because, well, it's just not. Arguments against seeking medication for depression just don't tickle the funny bone. And as someone who struggles with shame about continuing to take medication for post-partum depression nigh on two years post-partum, my funny bone on these matters is decidedly unticklish....more

I'm right with you sister.  Many in the media completely misreported ...more

Resolutions. . . What a Waste

The myth of the New Year's Resolution goes something like this:1. Person evaluates their own flaws.2. Person vows to change said flaws.3. Person ends up not doing crap about said flaws and then feels bad for a moment and in my case ends up eating lots of chocolate to comfort said self....more

Shallow Roots - Loneliness Exposed

Over Christmas the story about Scrooge emerges, this lonely soul wondering through his world without enjoyment, meaningful friendship or companionship. There are people who at this time of year find it particularly hard; depression and loneliness can be at its peak. Interestingly, stats show that as a society depression is growing and loneliness, though subjective, is sharing the stage.How is it that in an age when people have the ability to do anything and communicate with each other twenty-four seven through technology, they still feel alone? Young people especially have been diagnosed with varying degrees of depression, anxiety and loneliness and yet we are the generations who have the most at our disposal.In our backyard we are not running for the bomb shelter daily, as my mother had to do as a child. Our food is not rationed and most illness that would have wiped out children or adults generations ago is preventable, manageable or treatable. We have (despite current financial circumstances) enjoyed a relatively disposable income and want for little.Education is available, we are not forced into unwanted working conditions and exploring career options is encouraged. Our entertainment choices are abundant and travel (though more safety orientated) is still an option. So, we come to this place in which I must ask some questions:Why is depression so prevelant?Why are we lonely?Why are we medicating ourselves and our children in order to cope?...more

The Truth is in the Eyes

I saw it in my own eyes.  A disconnection.  Desperately searching for a sense of self, I studied my portrait in the mirror.   It was a courageous move on my behalf.  Since the onset of the increasing weight gain, it has been very difficult for me to look at my own image in the mirror.  Why should I?  The person staring back at me is someone I barely recognize much less someone I truly know.  But this time I did.  My face was much fuller than the thin heart shape face I once arrogantly carried.  Still, I could almost see it, as if it was stil...more

Teaching While Mentally Ill

Imagine trying to teach while voices in your head are telling you your students are trying to kill you.  That has been a reality for Elyn Saks, a professor of law, psychology, and psychiatry and the behavioral sciences at the University of Southern California's law school.  This week Saks published an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education documenting her personal experiences with mental illness in academia. ...more

Thanks for bringing an issue to light that's only discussed behind closed doors. This is a ...more

Like Water For Chocolate And Semen For Depression

I tightened my legs around him. The sky was darkening outside the window, and everything was different. The room was cast in shadows now, and everything was still. “Where do you want me to cum?” “Inside me,” I whispered. He increased his pace, and when he came, I drowned in the rush of heat that seared my galleries like I'd opened the door into a burning building. Exhilarating, intense. Amazing. I can't get enough of him. ADDICTED TO CUM ...more

Not so fast on calling the study rubbish. You seem to conclude that the ladies might have ...more

Bye Bye Dip!