The Girl I Once Was

The difference is as miraculous, as mundane as the ever-cycling day and nighttime. She used to be so sad, so small.  And maybe she is still, but less.  Life was one big contraction, growing inward while never releasing, birthing, breathing out.  Each year was a new level of rot growing down into her being, her heart an abscess.  And she did not know. No one that mattered had ever taught her in this fragile, formative years of her starshine, of the intrinsic value of every one of earth's vibrating lives, hers included. ...more

The effects of moms (and dads) obsessing about their weight and appearance and Gwyneth Paltrow's "fat shaming"

We're still in recovery mode over here after our trip to Norway where we stayed with my parents. -- Like depressed people, we crave rest and seek comfort in food (especially chocolate), gorging at every meal, adding dessert when we didn't used to. ...more