Stories ~ Comfort for the Soul

Stories, poetry, and the visual arts⎯all have a personal resonance for me. I want to play in their beauty, the truth of their perpetrators, wrap myself in their mystery and endless imaginings. Stories allow both author and reader to explore a character, a situation, or a place (basically everything) from any and all perspectives. Annie Dillard wrote In the Writing Life, “Push it. Examine all things intensely and relentlessly. Probe and search each object in a piece of art....more

Thank you!

Yes, writing soothes me, and helps me to figure out who I am and what I think and ...more

From Divorce to Somewhere Else (A Metaphorical Journey)

The vessel carries me forward – into the dark night. A lunar face observes my wanderings, not a descent really, more an investigation or exploration of how I am going to get to where I must go. There is no chance of going back. Once illuminated you can’t pretend you don’t see. The feminine face watches from her airy throne. ...more

Divorce and the Death of a Family

            I am not sure how it began exactly, my interest in death. My daughters tell me (in their snarky teenage way) that I am obsessed with death. I disagree. I don’t consider my interest in death to be an obsession, merely a fascinating hobby, intensely diverting, and borne from a deep sense of personal loss. It is an interest I would describe as more compelling than obsessive. Death is present for me now in a way it has never been before; and I cannot look away, nor ignore its lingering stench....more