Several years ago I was part of a book club that met every Saturday morning. The first book we read was You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. Each Saturday was a well-spring of new ideas and our ability to create grew immensely. ...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” With Loving Relationships 12/23/11

What a great energy for today, the eve of Christmas Eve!There is a sense of personal fulfillment, strength and independence.Looking back on the year’s accomplishments, one can see the transparencies for personal growth, and the neon evidence of progress made in the year.Opposing Energies:  neglect, isolation, stubbornness, selfishnessThe money issues connected with past few days have subsided....more

When A Passionate Encounter Goes Horribly Wrong

Her wet hair clung to her body, and her wet body pulled the sheets along with it as the two of them collapsed on the mattress, soaking it through. And then a pause. A pause? Yes, a pause. Pause as in: what now? It was like watching something on Netflix, and just when you're getting into it, that dreaded word: buffering. A bad case of life imitating... art? This is her sex life, one tired (and tragic) cliche. It happens to the best of us. ...more
Good grief!  What an exciting read.  Scary though.  Dating is risky to the tenth power!  Not to ...more

Bad Girls Get All the Guys

A seductress casts a spell by making herself very available at the beginning of a relationship so it appears to be less work and less risk for the man. But then, when he has grown used to her attentions and charms, she suddenly makes herself unavailable for a seemingly unbearable period of time -- though always with a reasonable explanation. Whatever her reason, she ensures her object of interest doesn’t feel abandoned, simply aware that by not having pinned her to a commitment, he could very well lose her. ...more
This is funny...interesting.  Long-term, though, it doesn't work.more

Sex Talk: Eighteen Year Itch?

For the past few months, even before the threat of lay-offs loomed, she started noticing that even though they spend the same amount of time together, less and less of it is devoted to intimacy. How do we deal with a marriage in which sex and passion start going the way of the dodo? ...more
That what starts to happen as a marriage falls apart. At 20 years the sex is non-existent. I ...more

Playing With Fire: When You're the One Who's Tempted

Many of us are unprepared to deny biology's drive after marriage. We see it as a weakness, a gross manifestation of our lack of faith and inner strength. We suffer this almost inevitable shame to eventually -- given enough shame and public penance -- be told it happens to good people and assured we can get through it if we find our path again and work together as a couple. There is no prevention where infidelity is concerned, only damage control. How do marriages survive? ...more
I always hear/read that it's normal to be attracted to other people when you're in love, and the ...more

A Dance with Chance

When she began to trust others, she started to trust herself again. What she would learn is that trust doesn't only enable us to forge meaningful relationships with others, but also enables us to work toward our goals and dreams. It's all connected. It's all a dance. ...more

So curious as to who this "Chance" is. He sounds like a "Sheen," he might be a "Farrell" (but he ...more

Beautiful Male Bodies

Rachel Rabbit White's recent post about the gross male body got me thinking about how much I love male bodies. The slim yet fit body of my husband, the shape of his hands, the firm feel of his abdomen, the way his buttocks casually strut when he walks, the curve of his collar bone, his arms, his deep blue eyes and thick blond hair. ...more

Dealing with Sex Drive Differences

What if you want sex more than your man? Listen to six men in different stages of a relationship weigh in on what it means. ...more