Dance Yourself Back To Life

Las Vegas: high-speed city of debauchery, lights and excess. This is where I got married so, this being my life, it made perfect sense that I would happen to be here again, following a decision to get divorced. ...more

Salsa, yeah I love it!  It's amazing. So much fun, expression and PASSION!!!

To ...more

Does Gender Determine How Good Your Erotica Is?

One day a girl in love said to the man she loved: “I could write the kind of stories you like...” “Do you really think so?” he answered. The girl speaking was Anne Desclos, better known in French literary circles as the journalist and critic Dominique Aury, and the man was Jean Paulhan, director of the literary publication Nouvelle Revue Française. Paulhan didn't believe a woman could write erotica the way men wrote it. ...more

"So, I would assume that with the proper amount of exposure to men and receiving honest ...more

Secret Life And The City

I'm late for high tea at the Living Room. I always am nowadays, it seems, and not by choice. Traffic is fine, but the idea that people are waiting gives me a mild degree of angina. “Do you mind if I smoke?” I ask the cab driver. Hovik, the card reads. “No problem,” he responds in a thick accent. Well, thank God. “Would you care for one?” I offer, extending the case toward him. “I have, thank you,” he says. I sit back and light my cigarette. “What you do at hotel?” Hovik asks me. ...more

I love the secret life. If only I was better at keeping secrets about my life a secret...but ...more

What Do Women Desire?

So when I first saw the cover of the New York Times Magazine from the last weekend in January, with its picture of a stereotypically sexy woman lolling around, I rolled my eyes. "What Do Women Want?" I read aloud. "We want to be left alone! Stop throwing these hideous images at us! It makes us crazy! Or at least me! Because you know what? ...more

Ten Tips For Better Sex in 2009

“Did you know that 71 percent of guys would rather have great sex occasionally than not-so-hot sex all the time?” Simone asked me, paging through the February issue of Cosmopolitan. “Let me see that,” I said, reaching out and scanning the cover of the magazine. “I'm writing an article about how to improve our sex lives.” Simone turned a page, “well, if anyone can write that, it's you.” “Actually...” I started, but I trailed off. The truth is that I need a guide more than anyone. ...more

Ever tried natural herbs or forms of aphrodisiacs to help improve your sex life?  Mainly your ...more

Love 2.0: Online or Alienated?

"'No man is an island,' the poet John Donne said. But we're becoming islands," my mother told my friend Parker and me on a lazy afternoon lounging on Waikiki Beach. "As we search for people in our respective niche, we cut off others," she went on. "The internet has made it so easy to find people like us that we no longer know how to deal with anyone who isn't like us." ...more

Do you think the answers to the survey would have been more in favor of sex had Vance made it ...more

Strength In The Face Of Adversity

I am often faced with moving forward or looking backward and dealing with what’s behind me then move on to what I am supposed to do. You probably have said to yourself, “When I get through this I am going to concentrate on me and do what I need to do for me!” Often you believe it when you say it. Often you believe it until the next crisis happens and then you say, “This always happens when I’m about to do something for me. As soon as I get through this I’m going to do this for me.” ...more

Mercurial Desire

Last week I wrote about how destructive the idea of hope can be. It fosters in us the idea that tomorrow will be somehow better, thereby giving us an escape from the present day, along with its joys and challenges. Hope is closely connected to the idea of control. As we loosen our grip on one, we must loosen our grip on the other. ...more

A Poem of Desire

I think of you in the day, when the sun warms my legs, as I lay in bed remembering the feel of your skin on mine. Like silk on cotton pillows, velvet on leather couches, smooth, so smooth, and heat the only friction on my mind. I feel you in my spine as it arches in delight. I feel you on my hands like I’m holding spheres of light. The ache inside will never quell, the numb soft hum of memories swell to fill my soul undeniably with the power and strength of you. The need that burns, crackling and snapping, threatening to consume ...more

Mrs. Micah, not a superachiever.

This first part comes from my experiment in not sweating the small stuff: How many people actually want to be superachievers? What is a "superachiever"? I pondered these today while trying to be mindful of today's goal. If a superachiever heads a corporation, nonprofit, etc...I don't think that's for me. I don't want to be Oprah or Donald Trump or a lot of those people. I know his point is that you can do that sort of thing and still be gentle and relaxed, but that's not the life for me. ...more

Amen, Honey B! Balance is a beautiful thing, as it having time to do what we want. :-)