How to Make a Minion Pinata

I was NOT wanting to do a Despicable Me party so I was seriously trying to talk my son out of a Despicable Me Theme birthday party because I could not think of any ideas for decorations except a million minions!!!...more

Make Your Own Minion

My momma made the sweetest costume for my littlest sister this last Halloween. It was seriously the greatest costume I've ever seen and honestly, not that much work. I'll be truthful and say it is time consuming, but the adorableness makes it worth it. Enjoy! And Happy Crafting!...more

Despicable Me's Despicable Theme

The movie Despicable Me has an adoption theme. Apparently it handles it in a “good” way, though I hesitate calling it good when we teach our children that you need someone or something else to make you act like a good human being. Anyway, we’re not seeing it, whether or not the message ends up on the good side. ...more
I get it. I'm an adoptive mom that wouldn't let my kids watch "Elf" for a very long time. ...more

My Interview With Julie Andrews: Save Me From Myself!

Let me start out by admitting that I am not a big fan of kids' movies, especially when they're animated. That said, I am a mother and it goes with the job. I find that a steady stream of snacks helps. Plus, I made my husband see Eclipse with me this weekend, so we all have our crosses to bear, don't we? ...more

I think you did a nice job with the interview, Lena!

My husband, DuckyBoy and I all LOVED ...more