Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies

These Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies are really easy to make and they are so fun too! Whether you’re baking for a kids class party, to bring into the office for co-workers or just for yourself and loved one to enjoy by the fire… these are perfect!  ...more

Potato Salad for Dessert


Éclair Cake

Éclair Cake. Layers of vanilla whipped cream, graham crackers and a decadent chocolate glaze. Easy, no bake dessert that everyone loves.

The Thursday Thirteen - Valentine's Day Desserts

It's all about the love this week. Is there a better way to say I heart someone than to give him or her a dessert coated in sugar, candy, or chocolate? Nope. It's pretty much the best way ever to say I kinda sorta maybe like you more than anyone else on Earth. I'm trying to decide which dessert to make for the big day. As of now I'm thinking cupcakes. Cupcakes with hidden treasures inside, smothered in strawberry jam buttercream, and decorated with anything pink, red, or white that I can lay my sticky little hands on....more

Apple Rose Pastry Puffs

Apple Rose Puffs are such fun to make. Impress your guests by using puff pastry to create an easy and elegant dessert perfect for any occasion. Apple Rose PuffsINGREDIENTS:...more

Bounty Balls

Next week is St. Valentine’s Day! I cannot believe how time flies so quickly, and we are already celebrating this romantic holiday. Did you already think how to surprise your loved ones? I have an idea for you how to make this special day not just romantic but also a little bit sweeter. Your second half will love this treat!Do you remember delicious, creamy, filled with coconut Bounty bars from your childhood? I do! And I miss those candy bars. Did you know that to make these candies you only need 3 ingredients? Yes, I know it is hard to believe, but the only ingredients you need are coconut flakes, condensed milk and chocolate chips. And you don’t need to cook or bake anything!Basically, you just need to mix coconut flakes with condensed milk and cover it with melted chocolate. Voila!...more

Sunshine in a Bite: Lemon Bar Cookie Recipe

This winter might not be so bad if we actually had a winter with pretty white drifts of snow. Instead, it's been cold. So very, very cold. We've been cooped up in the house and missing the sunshine. So, it seemed like a perfect day to make something lemony.Lemons just smell like summer. Fresh, bright and they even look like little suns. As it happens, I also volunteered to bake for a bake sale at the school. You know what that meant? I wouldn't be tempted to eat them all! What I did not plan on was how much the husband would like these light and lemony cake cookies....more


January 27th was National Chocolate Cake Day and in honor of the event I felt that it was only right for me to share with you a recipe for my favorite chocolate cake. But before we get into that…let’s chit chat a bit. ...more

Oat and Caramel Chocolate Squares

If my kids’ reaction to my baking was an indication of how good my recipes are, these would come top of my list of achievements! They disappeared quicker than a flash and were bestowed the highest praise possible!...more