Summer Fruit Panzanella & Chateau Elan Wine Tour

This recipe for Summer Fruit Panzanella uses Chateau Elan’s Muscadry Rose in a sweetened wine reduction that is drizzled over a blend of summer’s sweetest fruits like peaches, nectarines, blackberries, cantaloupe, strawberries, and muscadine grapes with fresh mint leaves and tossed with pieces of cinnamon coated cake.Every day I drive by Chateau Elan when I go to and from work, which has been for the last 12 years since I’ve lived in Georgia, yet I’ve never been there.So last week while I was on vacation, I finally got a chance to visit Chateau Elan’s Winery in Braselton, Georgia.My first visit (yes, I went back that week for a Spa visit too) was a wine tasting tour set up by Emily....more
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Blueberry Blintz Ice Cream

If you haven't had a blueberry blintz before, you and blintzes should meet over breakfast this weekend. I'll do the introductions. Hi, friend. This is a blueberry blintz. It's a hearty crepe, folded around a ricotta and lemon filling, drenched in blueberry syrup, and dusted with powdered sugar. It belongs in your mouth. Immediately. Pretty sure after you have a bite, you and blueberry blintzes will be going on a second date....more

Cane Sugar Peanut Butter Cookies

 CANE SUGAR PEANUT BUTTER COOKIESDessertsI love peanut butter....more

An Explosion of 4th of July Desserts

Fireworks. Sparklers. Parades. Barbecue. Red, white and blue. And desserts! I've made many 4th of July desserts the last few years. Here's a roundup of all the tasty treats you can create this Independence Day.These cupcakes are my favorite dessert. I love the red, white and blue cake, and sparklers on top. You can find the recipe in this post....more

Pineapple Mango Ice Cream

Even though it’s not officially summer, Memorial weekend is the kick off to summertime.The weathers warming up, the days are longer, the kids are out of school, and the vibe is all about relaxing.My favorite part of summer are all the frozen treats like ice cream and popsicles.This recipe I’m sharing with y’all today is the best “ice cream” I’ve had!It’s made with frozen pineapple and mango chunks, maple syrup, almond milk, and a dash of sea salt. All in your food processor....more

Paleo He's Alive Buns {Gluten, Grain, Dairy, Nut & Seed Free}

Paleo He's Alive Buns {Gluten, Grain, Nut, Dairy & Seed Free} Dude! Can I say Dude? I guess I can since I am from California. These He's Alive Buns are divinely mouthwatering and out of the three test batches we made we had a hard time not eating them all! ...more

French Hot Chocolate

Have you ever had one of those days where you get this intense, crazy craving for something? I had one of those days earlier this week, where I could not get my fill of chocolate.Funny thing, chocolate is the only thing that gives me these crazy, intense cravings. One bite, and I can't get enough of this dark, luscious treat.Lucky for me (and my waistline), I've finally found a match for my chocolate cravings in this French Hot Chocolate.French hot chocolate, also known as Chocolat Chaud, is a rich and silky smooth Parisian style hot chocolate....more
weebluemixer - Definitely a "spoil yourself" drink!more

Pear and Almond Tart (Dairy and Gluten Free)

Easy non-dairy and gluten free recipe for a classic pear and almond tart....more