Dark Chocolate Paleo Cake

If you have to give up your favorite food and replace it with bland  and boring food, all in the name of a healthy lifestyle, it’s wrong, unfair and definitely not sustainable. A healthy lifestyle involves  a balanced diet by upgrading your food as opposed to eliminating everything right off the bat. Upgrading the ingredients in your food takes the pressure off and makes the idea of change less shocking. For example, if cakes are your weakness, instead of buying them at the store or using the packaged mix, make them at home and upgrade the ingredients....more

Salted Honey Hazelnut Apple Tarts

Fall has arrived, friends. The colors are creeping down the mountain, spreading across the valley floor in a riot of orange and golds. Days are still warmed by sunshine but the nights have the edge of a chill that promises crisp air and sweater weather ahead. When autumn arrives, I'm always transported back to New England, where I spent much of my adolescence. I lived on the border between New Hampshire and Vermont, where the glory of the season inspires long walks in the woods and apple picking. ...more

Simple Biscuit Doughnuts with a Vanilla Glaze

Delicious, semi-homemade baked in no time glazed doughnuts. There are 4 easy steps to making these a special morning....more

Easy Peach and Blueberry Hand Pies

A fresh fruit hand pie with blueberries and peaches topped with a 3 ingredient orange glaze. This hand pie has eight ingredients and doesn’t take long to put together. It took under an hour from start to finish and that included cleanup. I love the convenience of store-bought pie crust because it makes for a quick whip up of this dessert. ...more

Til (Sesame)Ki Kheer

 Til Ki Kheer (sesame seed Pudding) is an Indian dessert, especially for this Janmashtami prepared with sesame seeds and milk.Read more......more

5 Instant Pot Baking Recipes to WOW your friends

We’ve had our Instant pot for a few months now. While looking for recipes, I was surprised to learn of all the things which can be baked with a pressure cooker....more