Recipe of the Week: Oreo Truffle Balls

Are you ready for the BEST DESSERT RECIPE EVER?My best friend, Lisa, introduced me this no bake, super easy to make, dessert recipe a couple of years ago and it’s of my absolute favorites. The Oreo Cookie Truffles or as I like to call them, Oreo Balls, are simply scrumptious.Like seriously.AMAZE BALLSI mean, let’s be honest, anything that has Oreo in the name has just got to be delectable. But these are on a whole other level.And the best part: SUPER SIMPLE TO MAKE! (We all know I love simple recipes!)...more

The Original Panna Cotta With Pomegranate & White Wine Syrup

Panna Cotta, which means ‘cooked cream’, originates from Italy and is a lighter, more jelly-like and less sweeter version of its denser cousin – the mousse. The most authentic form of Panna Cotta is the original vanilla flavour, cooked simply with cream, milk, sugar and vanilla seeds....more

Pretzels + M&Ms + Hershey Kisses.... OH MY!

This DELICIOUS snack is addicting....more

Homemade Peanut Butter Cup Recipe

 One of the simple joys in life, Homemade Peanut Butter Cups!This healthy, low-carb version is so easy to make....more

Palačinka with Apricots and Almonds (Czech crepes)

They say that scent holds the most memories. Now and then I am pulled back in my thoughts to a ski vacation I took with my family about 10/11 years ago. Simply because I smell brown coal. I don’t know if this is still the case, but in the village we visited, brown coal was used to heat about every home there. It wasn’t the most appealing smell but everytime I come in contact with that particular smell I feel happy and warm on the inside. Pure nostalgia. With this little piece of nostalgia comes a specific dish; Palačinka....more

Chocolate Lasagna

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Pumpkin Spice Angel Food Cake with Maple Glaze & Candied Pecans

Just by adding a few flavors of fall you can turn a plain angel food cake mix into something awesome! ...more

Why we don't eat cupcakes

We eat dinner as a family whenever possible. And although I have been a little slack about it lately, we try to eat our meals family style because they teach children about portion control. What I didn't consider is that serving meals family style also teaches children about sharing. ...more

Attitude of gratitude: Thankful for food ... and pumpkin pie squares

Folks, I love to eat. I do.I wake up ready to eat breakfast. I am a stumble-down-the-hallway-and-start-making-breakfast-while-I’m-barely-coherent kind of gal....more