Mini Peach Cobblers

oh wow, those look good -- and super cute, too.more

Shoney's Strawberry Pie II with No Roll Crust

This is the best strawberry pie...the recipe can be found here. I used the same crust as I used for my Easy As Pie - Apple Pie but instead of using any of the crust crumbles for topping I used all of the dough for the initial crust. Thick crust...juicy berries and sugary glaze, perfect combo....more
Looks delicious!more

Making Tarte Tatin, or Where Have You Been All My Life?

Seriously? I only had to live 40 years (oops, let’s pretend you didn’t see that) to discover my most favorite dessert? Well done, girl, well done. I am in love, people. You could tell by the number of pictures I took of the single dish (and there are more yet here).  Did I mention I am in love? No? I am in love!...more

Graham Cracker Crust

My sister asked me why I try to make dessert less naughty; she said it’s the point (keep in mind, she doesn’t eat dessert, yeah I know; crazy).  To this I responded simply; if there is half the fat and calories then I can eat twice as much.  She hasn’t bought it up again.  This is the base, classic graham cracker crust recipe.  Graham crackers aren’t completely healthy but they’re really not as bad as you may think.  I have cut back on the quantity of graham crackers, sugar, and butter (sorry, it’s still tastes good though!)....more

Cherry-Banana "Ice-Cream"

  Cherry-Banana “ice-cream”...more
We tried this with just bananas. It was good but we discovered we probably need a new blender. lolmore

S'mores Cake

Paleo Brownies

Yeah, so I was having a chocolate craving. That really doesn’t happen that often, I’m not really a chocolate person. I’m more of a cookie or cupcake person. But I wanted chocolate and I wanted it NOW. So I found a recipe on Elana’s Pantry that looked great. It’s always about the picture, right? I would only try a brownie recipe if the picture made it look like a real brownie, not some fake paleo-version of a brownie, and Elana’s looked real. Problem was, I was missing a couple of ingredients so I changed it up just a little bit and I really like the results....more

Chocolate Tart

Lemon Muffin Tops

 A little birdie told me you like muffins. I know I do. Haven’t I told you this before? Now this recipe idea started as lemon cookies but quickly evolved into something I like so much more. I struggled for a bit with what to call them and as I was talking to my audience of taste testers, it hit me. These are the same consistency of muffins so the muffin top was born....more