Gluten Free Halloween Candy Corn Pudding

 Looking for a fun and pretty gluten free dessert for this kids this halloween?...more

Hot Fudge Caramel Pecan Brownie for 1 in under 5 Minutes!

    So I'd like to lose about 10 lbs but I still want a brownie now and then. I figure the smart thing to do is make 1 brownie, not 1 one pan of brownies. If I make a pan of brownies, I'll have one now, one later and 3 tomorrow. Now, we've all tried the various 1 serving mug brownies that are rubbery and tasteless. This is not one of those brownies. This was Heaven in a jar. It took less than 5 minutes and I could not eat the whole thing. That's not counting the 3 bites my daughter took. I made it in a small mason jar....more

Easy Banana Cream Pie

Eat Your Veggies--For Dessert!

  [image via A Thousand Words] ...more

Toasty Strawberry Tall Cake...

Toasty Strawberry Tall Cake... Dessert is served!This made my taste buds dance with delight.It is naughty, indulgent, glutenous and fantastically delicious!...more

Simple Creme Brulee

That is a good policy!more

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Roll - Almost Guilt-Free

I look forward to this pumpkin roll every Holiday.  Truth be told, my mother makes it.  It's her recipe and one of the dishes we all LOVE!  She calls it a pumpkin roll, Dad calls it a pumpkin log, I call it one of my favorites!!!...more

Apple Bundt Cake with Brown Sugar Glaze

Nice chunks of apple, crunchy pecans and a brown sugar glaze makes this cake the perfect autumn treat....more

Peach Pound Cake

Carmela ice cream

I went to a nice place to savor unique and amazing ice cream : Carmella Ice cream. I have never heard about this ice cream maker before. I went there with my friend, when I entered the décor was like a old ice cream maker, the small business that a women could have in the back of their house. The color are sober, we can see the kitchen in the back. We didn’t see them cooking, but it would have been great to see them. Without tasting their ice cream, I was totally in love with the place and the atmosphere....more