Baking With Julia Child: Blueberry and Almond Yogurt Tart

When the summertime blueberries are plump and sweet, I try to save a pint from grabby little hands and make this lovely fruit, almond and yogurt tart. It has a standard flaky pie crust, and the yogurt gives it dense, cheesecake-y feel to it. The blueberries and almond are, as the French say, classique. ...more

Chocolate Cupcakes with Almond Dipped Strawberries

This week's recipe, Chocolate Cupcakes with Almond Dipped Strawberries combines Almond Cream Cheese Butter-cream Frosting swirled on chocolate cupcakes and topped off with a plump red strawberry-Sounds like a sweet idea to me!" The following link will take you to this recipe: To see all of my recipes, please stop by and visit my kitchen at Hope to see you there! Kandy from Kandy's Kitchen Kreations...more

Homemade Coconut Ice-Cream For A Tropical Spring Treat

I just don’t seem to have enough of ice-creams here in Durham. More, please!Read more from 'Homemade Coconut Ice-Cream For A Tropical Spring Treat'....more
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This is Foolproof Tiramisu—Trust Me, I Know

A few years ago, my sisters and I thought it would be a great idea to make tiramisu. I believe there’s little explanation necessary for this decision. We set out to find a recipe that was quick, labor un-intensive and catered to our (at the time) lack of cooking chops....more

Fresh Fruit Bowls with Vanilla Yogurt Dressing

This week's recipe for Fresh Fruit Bowls with VanillaYogurt Dressing would be perfect for breakfast, brunch or dessert! See the recipe at Please stop by and visit my kitchen at to see all of my other recipes. Hope to see you there!...more

Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Summer Dessert: Thai 'Ice Cream' Sandwiches

Coconut ice cream, accented with ginger, lime, and grilled pineapple, is sandwiched between two chewy peanut butter cookies, for a tropical Thai-inspired treat that will tickle your tastebuds! These ice cream sandwiches are so refreshingly summery, and gluten- and dairy-free to boot!...more
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Nutella Sandwich Cookies

You didn't think I could stay away from it for that long, did you?  ...more

Cracking the Code on a Secret Family Recipe: Peanut Butter Meringue Pie

If  heaven is real, then I hope it’s just a huge peanut butter pie. Not one of those over-the-top, too-rich-to-eat heavy pies that are more like a candy bar in a piecrust. No, I want heaven to be one of Lula’s Peanut Butter Pies; a flaky crust topped with sweetened peanut butter, creamy custard-like pudding, and light-as-cloud meringue. It is possibly my favorite food in the universe. I will be good to others and follow the golden rule if it will get me to a heaven full of Lula’s Peanut Butter Pie. ...more

Eggless Chocolate Cupcakes

  Happy Birthday to my favorite guy. I love you! I hope you enjoy the cupcakes. These holders are the cutest things ever. Thanks again sweetie! If you must have these here is the link....more

Ice Cream Squares with Maple Syrup & Pecans

Since July is national ice cream month, I thought I should do my part to honor such an important time of the year!  Ok, let's be truthful, it's a made up event but it is fun to eat ice cream, make ice cream and try new flavors & recipes.  So, with my chocolate lover off to camp, I decided to make an ice cream dessert for my oldest with all the flavors he likes....more