Crane Melon Sorbet with Pomegranate Seeds - Crane Melon Barn - Santa Rosa, CA

The Crane Melon Barn and the Crane family have a long rich history in Sonoma County....more

Reduced-Fat Oreo Layer Dessert

Did any of you have "dirt" growing up?  ...more

Apple Cake with Cinnamon-Butter Sauce

  One of my friends hosted us all at her house the other weekend, and I was in charge of bringing dessert....more

Raspberry Crumb Bars

I typically don't (read: never) eat raspberries, so this dessert was somewhat of a stretch for me....more

Peach Ice Cream

Peach season is almost over! Now, this isn’t a heartbreak for me, I’m not the biggest fan of the fruit, but my boyfriend loves them… a lot. So I decided to make a treat for him to get in the last couple of peaches (and also an excuse to use my new ice cream maker again). He ate it right up, while I was satisfied with the remainder of my Dark Chocolate Ice Cream. This makes about 1 quart of ice cream....more

In Season: Figs

It's true. I have a thing for figs. Fresh, just-picked-from-the-tree figs, that is, not those scary black dried things found in the bulk food section of the grocery store. So many varieties, so much versatility. Black Mission, Blue Celeste, Brown Turkish, Desert King, Naples White, Papa John, Tiger and the list goes on. I'm always amazed when I encounter people who either don't like figs or, if you can believe this, have never tried a fig. How is that possible? ...more
 @DGolden So glad you enjoyed the post, too!more

Homemade pancakes with apples

Apple pie

The Maths of a Cupcake

I kinda sorta don’t really like cupcakes....more

Texas Cream Pie

Today I want to share a recipe that might just be new to all of you. I was first introduced to this particular pie when I lived in Texas via one of my mom's friends, and my family has been making it ever since. I have never seen this on a menu at a restaurant, and I honestly have a hard time trying to describe it to others, even though it is so simple! Simple...and wonderful. It has become a staple dessert at holiday get-togethers and special occasions....more