January 27th was National Chocolate Cake Day and in honor of the event I felt that it was only right for me to share with you a recipe for my favorite chocolate cake. But before we get into that…let’s chit chat a bit. ...more

Oat and Caramel Chocolate Squares

If my kids’ reaction to my baking was an indication of how good my recipes are, these would come top of my list of achievements! They disappeared quicker than a flash and were bestowed the highest praise possible!...more

Kladdkaka with a Fudge Topping

 Kladdkaka (sticky cake) is one of Sweden’s favourite desserts. They are often quite plain (but none-the-less scrummy), but this really blows the lid of any others! INGREDIENTSCake:...more

Rich Chocolate Pudding

 If you have teenagers, chances are you have an orthodontist; and if you have an orthodontist, you probably have an oral surgeon; and if you have an oral surgeon, chances are your teenagers have four less wisdom teeth, and a darn good excuse to eat their weight in ice cream and chocolate pudding....more

BEST Banana Cake EVER

BEST Banana Cake EVERPut those ripe bananas to great use...a tasty cake is only minutes away!!Ingredients:...more

Triple Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake


Start The Diet Tomorrow ~

Blueberry-Ricotta Tart with Almond Biscotti Crust What to do with a bag of biscotti if you're not a coffee drinker or have a teething baby... Well, make a fabulous crust and fill it with rich ricotta and fresh blueberries of course!  Each bite of this delicious tart has a bit of almond crunch, rich cream with a hint of vanilla and sweet blueberries.  A lovely dessert to enjoy with friends and family....more