Bourbon Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Cinnamon Quesadillas

Strawberry Crisp

Italian Tiramisu Recipe

 Italian Tiramisu RecipeThis is my favorite dessert now!Italian is the absolute best! ...more

Peanut's favorite cake batter cookies

We've called Maisy "Peanut" since the day she was born. She was always so small and sweet and little that Peanut was the most perfect name....more

Chocolate Covered Raspberry Pudding (Sugar Free)

Here’s another super healthy treat that actually tastes great! A winner with all my peeps. You could also use this as a frosting for cupcakes or cookies....more

Bread Pudding Recipe

 Bread pudding has became famous to the point that it can be found all over the world in many versions. I love this food because I can make it using leftovers, which saves me money while enjoying good food at the same time.This bread pudding recipe is a must try. It is easy to prepare and definitley worth your time.Ingredients...more

Pumpkin-coconut muffins (vegan, gf)

Nutty Nourish Bars

A snack shouldn’t just taste great, it should nourish you and provide ample energy to continue your daily tasks. Sometimes we just need a little pick-me-up in the form of coco-nutty chocolate goodness. A release of endorphins and we are on our way to tackle the rest of the day. These Nutty Nourish Bars provide just that; brain charging fats, protein, and excellent minerals and antioxidants from dark chocolate....more

Candy Melt Confetti Heart

You'll never guess what I was doing when I thought this one up. Never! Ok, you might get an idea when you see what I used to make my candy melt shredded confetti......more