Instead of Pulling the Trigger, He Made a Change

Whether it was bad aim, lack of ammunition, or a change of heart, I’ll never know why he didn’t shoot us.  At the end of the day, that part doesn’t matter.Dressed in blue from his Tigers’ hat to his Nikes, he was meandering sloppily down Adams Street surrounded by friends.  Our Scion drove up behind them and stopped at the red light, just as they entered the crosswalk. They abruptly looked in our direction....more

Dining in style: Maccabees at Midtown Detroit

 There is no love more sincere than the love of food- George Bernard Shaw   There are places you go out to eat and hardly notice the interior décor as it may be regular or unimpressive. Then there are others that serve fresh, delicious, healthy and warm comfort food along a side of history....more

Photo Friday: Architecture

Today's Photo Friday selection is another picture taken from the Windsor side of the Detroit Riverfront, just a short walk from my house. I was tickled by the juxtaposition of the quaint wooden birdhouse against the steel and glass of Detroit's skyline - two completely different sizes and styles of architecture captured in the same shot. ...more

Feeling Good in Detroit

They've elected a new mayor in Detroit, which, in other circumstances, might be a big deal, but since Detroit is under the thumb of a state-appointed emergency manager (who promptly--and probably unconstitutionally--took away all authority from every elected city official), the new mayor, Mike Duggan, will likely be mayor in name only. ...more

How to Train for a Five Mile Muddy Obstacle Course [In 73 Days]

On August 3rd my cousin Jeff and I will be participating in a recreational wave at MuckfestMS Detroit on Belle Isle. It is a five mile muddy obstacle course that should prove to be both fun and challenging. It was my goal this year to get in shape and fit, and while I am more in shape than I was in January, I am nowhere near being in shape to run five miles. So in the next 73 days I am going to do my best to crash course myself into someone who can survive MuckfestMS. Here is my plan of attack:...more
@Karen Ballum This will be my first attempt at one, but it is for a good cause and with the ...more

The Marriage of The Entrepreneurial Spirit and Responsibility, brought to you by BlogHer Entrepreneurs Sponsor Liberty Mutual

Last month's BlogHer Entrepreneurs '12 Conference is one that's near and dear to my heart, and to Lisa and Jory's. We know that we could never have sustained building BlogHer over these last seven years without mentorship, without expanding and deepening our networks, and without taking advantage of the many resources and support systems out there for small businesses. We hope this conference helps other entrepreneurs find resources and support....more
@Helen_Jonsen Thanks Helen.more

Korean BBQ

Blog DirectoryHooked up with All-Over-the-Place even though I pretty much resigned myself from never talking to him again. I was at the Club Charles, again, and this time I was sitting next to Frank who saw me singing along to Bruce Springstein's Christmas songs in my seat while I pretended to read the paper....more

Detroit Blocks Plan For Stray Dog TV

While actively wooing film and television crews to its beleaguered streets, Detroit's mayor, Dave Bing, has taken a rolled up newspaper to the nose of a Discovery Channel crew that wants to chronicle the city's many stray dogs. Though the project, "A Dog's Life," qualified for a substantial tax credit from the Michigan Film Office, city leaders believe the show would harm the city's already-struggling image. ...more

Yes, I can see the problem from both sides. Ultimately, what it comes down to is Detroit's ...more

Terror Fatigue: How Do You Keep From Teaching Your Kids to Hate?

I was at my parents' house basking in love and sugar-soaked holiday goodness when my husband told me about the man who literally lit his pants on fire while trying to blow up an international flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. I remember wondering how much of the conversation my five-year-old was taking in, then realizing I had absolutely no energy for terror of any sort....more

I too held my hand up with no words to speak. I don't think my son and I have spoken of it at ...more

Detroit Man Kills People for Money

Vincent Smothers, 28, will be going to trial soon for being a hit man in Detroit. He confessed to police: "I don't have a profession", "I kill people for money." Detroit Police caught him in a suburban alley and heard his confession of several killings in Detroit. According to the authorities, it is very rare for someone to be charged with so many death crimes. ...more