Wall of Shame (and Fame): Rielle's Boobs, Mean Girl Mom Bloggers, and Space Makeup Obsess the Media

Welcome to BlogHer's Wall of Shame and Fame, where we can't make this stuff up -- it's just too insane (or too brilliant). Below you'll find: ...more

Sex, Lies and Mommy Blogs: Detroit Free Press Got It Half-Right, Bloggers Tell BlogHer

On the heels of a series of negative press articles about women bloggers from the New York Times to today's Detroit Free Press, we turned to the bloggers interviewed in the DFP article to see how their interviews translated onto the screen. Are journalists trying to -- as Just_Margaret on BlogHer points out -- "encourage a negative perception," or are fair interviews revealing the truth about women blogging? ...more

Absolutely. Especially, I'd add, if you're going to be doing a multitude of interviews (as ...more

What's Your Thought on the Automotive Bailout?

Professionals involved in the automotive industry have been under a barrage of information about the current state of the economy and how it is affecting the car business. Regardless of one's political affiliations, it's a fact that the domestic automotive industry feeds our nation's finances in a multitude of ways. Quite honestly, it doesn't matter whether you're involved in the industry or even drive a car, this situation will affect every single consumer in the United States in very broad ways. ...more

Why don’t we have a incentive package that partners the real estate market and the auto ...more