What is NFC and Why Do I Need It?

NFC makes just about anything smarter. Imagine flipping on music when you walk into a room with just a wave, or see a new recipe from a grocery store ad with just a tap. Wouldn’t it be nice to start up your workstation and access your email just by setting your phone on the desk?...more

Get Ready! Windows 8 Pre-Orders Start Today

With devices that slide, swivel and flip, Windows 8 PCs arrive on our doorsteps in just a few weeks if you order early...more

No Wires Required: Device to Device Connectivity Has Never Been Easier

New standards in wireless communications are leapfrogging previous standards, increasing connectivity performance and improving battery life to keep you always on ...more

CES: Prom for Gadgets

http://MOMconnected.wordpress.com/The big dance for the consumer electronics industry, CES 2012 promises crazy cool gadgets and lots of excitement...more

The Gadget Afterlife: Sell, Donate or Recycle Old Electronics

Give new life to your old devices this holiday season.  Like many families, we have a gadget drawer, which recently morphed into a gadget closet, bursting with random cables and power cords, prehistoric gadgets, archaic mobile phones, old-school PDAs (remember the Palm Pilot?) and obsolete computers the size of baby elephants. So, before we whipped out the wallets this Christmas for our next “gotta have it” gadget, my husband and I agreed that these old devices deserve an afterlife....more
Thanks blogher for highlighting Gadget Afterlife as a featured post! Anyone give old devices an ...more

Parenting in a Digital World

You've seen the talk shows and heard the playgroup buzz: What the heck are we doing about the influence of social media, cell phones, games and other technology on our little angels? ...more

 ...can get a teen-ager to do anything.