Dear Television: I Love You

In my early twenties, I remember being at some sort of a party - a BBQ perhaps? A dinner party? I can't be sure. While the details of the party are a hazy mystery, I do recall the conversation, which stunned me."I can't wait," my friend Janet said, "for the fall television lineup. I have it all planned out." She then went on to list which shows she was watching, the times and channels. As it was ten years ago, I cannot quite recall what they were. But I do remember both her excitement and conviction. It just seemed so...odd....more
Yeah, Netflix got me started, too. But,if you like scary and kinky, you need to watch American ...more

What is it About Showtime's "Dexter"?

In October “Dexter” will air its sixth season, and my husband and I have just recently begun watching the show. And I hate to admit that we, like everyone else, are now shamelessly hooked. Having never even seen a single episode before this, having heard of the show through word-of-mouth only, we bought the first season and, like eating candy, can’t seem to stop watching. We went through season 1 within a matter of days, and then we rushed out to buy seasons two and three, lest we go into withdrawal!...more
I guess I am going to have to order the 4th season of Dexter. We have been going crazy looking ...more

(SPOILERS) "Dexter" Finale: Dex, You Slay Me

Unlike the shocking and horrific finale of Season 4, the Season 5 finale of Dexter was about as feel-good and lovey-dovey as a serial killer drama can be. I mean that in a good way. ...more

As the seasons play out, I definitely find myself asking that same question - why Harry, WHY!? ...more

"Dexter" Returns with Tragedy and Killer Ratings (Spoilers)

In Sunday's highly anticipated fifth season premiere of Dexter, which garnered big ratings for Showtime, we got to see the aftermath of the Trinity Killer's handiwork from last season's shocking finale. ...more

A Word From "Dexter"

My name is Dexter Morgan and I'm a serial killer.  Megan's allowing me to write her post this week because I make her uncomfortable.  She had mixed feelings about writing about me, because she finally saw my show and liked it.  You see, Megan finally broke down, cheapskate that she is and got Showtime. So she's gotten to know me very well in anticipation of my CBS network debut.  While she's fascinated by me, and that other guy, Michael C. Hall, she's terribly embarrassed by her attraction to me.  She really shouldn't be.  We are what we are. I'm a forensic blood spatter specialist for the Miami Police Department.  My job is to help catch killers.  But since I was a young boy, I've had those urges myself.  The only time I ever feel anything is when I kill.  I've developed good techniques for appearing normal to everyone around me, but make no mistake about it, I feel nothing.  Except of course when I can add another slide to my blood collection. ...more

I just read another blog and it mentioned getting "Bloggers Butt"... I will force myself to go ...more

What's On TV? The New Fall Season Begins

The new fall television season kicks off in earnest this week.  To prepare, I spent the weekend checking out a few previews and catching up on a series I hadn't seen last year. Unfortunately I'm not seeing much new stuff to get excited about.  ...more

The sitcom Two and a Half Men has kicked off its fifth season on CBS, and a few weeks ago, the ...more

Dexter: There be spoilers.

I'm obsessed with this show, Dexter. We discovered it on recommendation from my cousin, who'd gotten hooked on recommendation from someone else. ...more

I haven't seen a single episode. I suppose in theory I could get it somehow I just haven't ...more