The Vulnerable Alien Wife: Beyond Mail-Order Brides

Foreigners have to fill out a million forms and file a thousand petitions when they come to the United States through marriage, but rarely are they given the required information about what their rights are or what legal recourse they have should things go terribly wrong -- and certainly never are they given a handbook about what is legally acceptable behavior in a marriage. ...more
@PolPrairieMama, there are! Please keep me posted and let me know whether I can do anything else ...more

The Internet responds as Tavvi and Connor are removed from their home

The story seems impossible, but unfortunately it's an object lesson in what happens when the spirit of the law is ignored in favor of its letter: A pair of siblings in Oregon were removed from their sister's custody and sent back to Virginia, where they'd previously been removed from the allegedly abusive care of their parents. The community in Beaverton and concerned people all over the Internet are getting involved in this bona fide DHS horror story: ...more

I just feel so terrible about this - it breaks my heart.more