Belly Fat

I've been seeing a lot of women lately who are pre-diabetic. They have high fasting blood sugar levels, most have high triglycerides and are struggling to lose weight. Right now, I'm writing a book on Menopause and the chapter I just finished was about how to lose the Belly Fat....more

A Heartfelt Perspective on Diabetes

As seen at : I would like to introduce you to my dear friend Brenda. Brenda lives with Type I Diabetes.  I have been corresponding with Brenda frequently during Diabetes Awareness Month and am touched by her heartfelt perspective about her diabetes.  Brenda's perspective can, in fact, teach...more

World Diabetes Day

Today, November 14th, is World Diabetes Day (WDD). WDD was introduced in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization as a response to the rising rate of diabetes diagnoses across the world. In 2007, the UN passed the United Nations World Diabetes Day Resolution and made November 14th World Diabetes Day. Today, the attention of the world is turned to diabetes. Funny. It's been a focus in my life for the past twenty-two years. ...more

It's nice to see you posting here after meeting you briefly at BlogHer Boston.

Kalyn ...more