21 Beautiful ways cremation diamonds are changing the way we remember loved ones

There are many ways to remember and honor people who have changed our lives after they have passed on, and the wearing of memorial jewelry is one of the most special. Have you ever heard of a cremation diamond? If you are like most people, myself included, the answer is probably no....more

Navigating Through the Los Angeles Jewelry District: By Jen Oliak

Gorgeous choices of diamond bangles at SN Queens....more

Doing Well Under Pressure

A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure. – Unknown The Joy of Mothering &...more

Golency Diamond subsidiary of Golency Investment Group Reviews

“The three diamonds we ordered are to symbolize the three years we courted before we got married and loved together. Golency Diamonds was the only place we could get what we wanted.” ...more

Did you know it rains DIAMONDS?

 It's all in your perspective, don't you think?I am not a gal who is much for learning how things work, although I did once briefly consider taking a car mechanics course when my little green Ford Cortina persisted in stalling at red lights and the smug Neanderthals at the dealership insisted nothing was awry.  ...more

1.01 carat asscher cut diamond three stone ring.

I have a crush. A big one. ...more

Snow Diamonds

It's cold out there. Really cold. Too cold. Or maybe I'm just tired of cold. It snowed last night, but the sun's out this morning, at least trying to warm things up. Sun on snow is always a cheery sight anyway. It brings out the snow-diamonds and sparkles in a lovely, blinding way. ...more

Diamonds And Astroglide, A Girl's Best Friends

http://godeeperliz.blogspot.com/?zx=9c41891528303748Elizabeth Gordon Barretthttp://godeeperliz.blogspot.com/...more

Dressing Sensibly When on Trail

Acknowledging the gravity of the trial, we were for once spared the histrionics, the tantrums and frosty, arched eyebrows as Naomi Campbell gave perhaps the most serious and sombre performance of her life.In fashion-speak that meant ditching the “diva” outfits. To date she has turned up to court in thigh-skimming, clingy dresses, “I’m a celebrity” shades, 4in stilettos and dripping in jewellery....more