Buying American: Your Choice Means 200,000 US jobs

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Katie Couric and Diane Sawyer Are No "Newsmommies"

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Diane Sawyer's Dream Job. What It Really Says About The State Of Network News

Avuncular she is not. Not so sure that she is "materteral" either. And even if she were, no one is going to say it because materteral is not as much fun to say as avuncular--the beloved adjective used for the past several decades to describe the relationship between television news junkies and the anchors who deliver the news. ...more

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A Three-fer Good News Day for Women

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Working Girls Speak: Shame On You, Diane Sawyer

Tonight, ABC's 20/20 hit the streets looking for hookers & intending to cash in on the salacious sides of sex work ~ with Diane Sawyer as lead pimp, making her paycheck just another one of the profits earned from the poor, down-trodden, girls she herself called exploited. ...more