Motherhood Stinks (Sometimes) Part 1

It is important to note that I love being a mother.  The last thing my three busy boys hear before they drift to off to sleep is, “I love you and I love being your mommy.”  However. Motherhood stinks.  Sometimes. Motherhood can stink literally and motherhood can stink figuratively.  Most of the time, I would rather have the literal.  In this ten part series, we will be exploring the ways that motherhood can stink. ...more

Choosing Cloth Diapers For My Babies

I have a tendency to throw myself into new endeavors full-force; to go all out, whole hog, and to try to be the very best (or at least, my very best) within the context of each new experience. Motherhood has certainly been no exception. ...more

Sexism in the 21st Century

Saturday, May 25, 2013Sexism in the 21st century....   So this post isn't autism related. I know, SHOCKER!!! Anyway, here goes........more

What's the Least Expensive Way to Buy Diapers?


The Great Diaper Debate: Where Is It Okay To Change Diapers?

I’m kind of a fan of writing controversial parenting-related posts, and this one is going to be no exception. It’s worse than the great breastfeeding debacle. It’s worse than vaccinations. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to write about diaper changing. *cue ominous music* In public. *cue gasping*...more

How I Potty Trained My Son Over a Weekend

"Why, you still haven't potty trained him yet?...more

Potty Train Thing 1, Check

After we got rid of the pacifiers, I mentioned that my next goal was to get Thing 1 potty trained.  I mean, he turned 3 in December and really my goal was to not have a four year old in diapers.  I think there was a couple of factors in waiting so late to do it.  One was that when John turned 2—which I guess is the age people usually start—I had a 3 month old.  I just wasn’t interested at the time.  And then we moved, and then I thought I’ll just wait ‘t...more

#ClothDiapers: The Good, The Bad - The Honest

If you've looked around the internet for information on cloth diapers, you've likely found many articles and posts that read something like the land of unicorns, rainbows and smiling puppy dogs.  Cloth is cute, there's really no denying it.  Cute patterns, fluffy butts and let's face it, fabric is just prettier than plastic.  Though it's cute, it must be washed, and that comes with many reservations for parents new to the idea, and to those who haven't tried cloth.  ...more

How the mighty have fallen

I admit that the title of my post is a little misleading. I have never felt "mighty" about practicing elimination communication (or EC). It's just what felt right. We've definitely had our ups and downs, especially when kids have been sick....more

Does Rush Limbaugh Hate Working Moms?

Whitney Moss blogs at Rookie Moms and serves on the board of Help A Mother Out, an Oakland-based grassroots organization dedicated to getting diapers to women in need....more
Typical. What is most despicable about people like Limbaugh is they would rather see innocent ...more