Baby poop color reveals digestive system mysteries

How does Plain Jane milk come out the other end as Technicolor poop?Baby poop’s unique color is a combination of intestinal bacteria, bile and whatever was swallowed. Two jars of squash equals orange poop. But even when baby is only taking formula or breast milk, the color changes daily and even diaper-to-diaper as the relative composition of these components change....more

Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway: HAPPY ENDINGS DIAPERS!

HappyEndings EcoDiapers are quickly becoming one of my favorite cloth diapers! Having heard another cloth diaper "YouTuber", Positively Mommy, spout these diapers' praises, I had to see for myself! And I was honestly very happily surprised!...more

I'm the only Mom in the world that doesn't like Honest diapers

 When we first brought Phoebe home from the hospital we used Pampers Swaddlers. The hospital had given us a TON of them and free is one of my favorite things! They worked just fine and we were happy with them.Early on in my pregnancy I had plans for how this whole baby thing would look. Thanks to stylish moms on Instagram visions of chevron and hand knitted dolls danced through my head. And then, of course, there were the diapers. To be specific, Honest diapers. Oh they were so pretty. ...more

somewhere out there... my diaper trashcan. Can we talk about this? So we went to the beach with Duff's parents for a few days. Our friend Val stayed at our apartment to keep Oscar company and to host a raging par-to-the-tay. (Actually, she didn't throw a far as I can tell. And if I can't tell, who cares if she threw a party?!)  Anyway. ...more

Seriously can't figure out how to use this site yet. Because i'm cool like that.

Ok, so trying to get some new flow for my blog, i joined this....hopefully i am not breaking any rules, but until i can figure out how to link my blog with this one, i'm just going to stick the web address in here. Hopefully all ya'll will come check it out:) it up. ~sue elisabeth...more
The best way to figure out the site is to scroll down to the bottom right click FAQs/Using this ...more