My Daughter and the Dick Cheney Challenge

Today, I'm regretting raising well informed clever children.As I was driving my daughters and my older daughter's boyfriend to the Avengers last night, I went on a political rant, which is typical for me.My family has been ignoring me for years. My daughter's boyfriend, comes from a prominent Republican family here in town. Quietly he asked, "how many books written by Republicans have you read?" I was impressed with this question for two reasons: he remembered that I read a lot and he had the guts to ask it. I want my children's special friends to be gutsy, but not too gutsy....more
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I Conquered My Cheney Challenge and a Bowl of Salad

Where Dick BelongsHEAR ME ROAR!!!!! I DID IT!!!!...more
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Some Americans are above the law… just not the 2.3 million in US jails

Mischa Barton smoking dope at an intersection in LA? Caught by paparazzi in broad daylight?

As President Obama Seeks Accord With Muslims, Events at Home Highlight America's Persistent Dilemmas

A few minutes ago, in Cairo Egypt, Pres. Obama gave a speech that many hope will set the stage for a more constructive relationship with Muslim nations. He said, "I have come here to Cairo to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world, one based upon mutual interest and mutual respect...." ...more

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Palin-oscopy: Examining Why Sassy Sarah Hits All Our Hot Buttons

Dick Cheney was a self-serving Oilcon flunky. Dan Quayle was a lightweight imbecile. Despite what has preceded her,  Sarah Palin will still go down in history as the most ill-conceived veep nominee in history. And that’s a shame for women, and the rights they strive for: in regard to healthcare,  Social Security, civil, and of course reproductive. ...more

What is the proper role of the Vice-President ?

Of all the differences between the two major party tickets for the US presidency, one of the most profound may be their disagreement on the limits on the authority that the Constitution grants to the Vice President. That difference emerged in bold relief during last week's vice-presidential debate when Gov. Sarah Palin said: ...more

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Why I HATE Sarah Palin

I hate her cause she doesnt answer peoples questions. She sticks to an artfully crafted script of the GOPs greatest hits-the same hockey mom pitbull w/lipstick bullshit-& refuses 2 answer anything else. I hate her cause she preaches til shes blue in the face about abstinence-not only a completely unrealistic thing to teach kids,but the stupid woman stands by it even in face of the fact that it doesnt WORK. Her own kid is knocked up & last time I checked she wasnt exactly married. Im sorry,but Im pretty sure that one needs to have SEX in order for one to GET pregnant. ...more

Palin Shmalin

I just basically responded to a friend's blog post about this, but I think it can stand alone. I'm not looking to debate this--think and vote how you want, it's your right. I'm just blowing off steam. ...more